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Project and Role Descriptions

More specific project and role descriptions lead to better and more plentiful talent submissions.

Always include physical descriptions for roles, along with a description of the character's personality and photo reference -- if applicable.

If you’ll be casting minors, please include the exact number of hours they will be needed on set, with clear role requirements.


Be as specific as possible when offering a rate. In addition, you will receive higher quality AND quantity of talent submissions, the higher the rate that you offer per role.

If a role is unpaid, yet the film will be submitted to festivals, has a well known director attached, talent will be given copy, IMDb credit, meals or other forms of compensation or perks are included, please be sure to include this information.

Shoot Dates & Location

Talent want to know what a project’s audition, callback and shoot dates are and the location before they commit to submitting for the role.

Please provide this information -- including whether ground or air travel is required or provided -- to ensure the maximum amount of submissions from qualified talent.

Spelling & Grammar

You want to communicate that your production is professional and legitimate, so please review the grammar and spelling of your project and role descriptions before they are sent to agents and talent. Please do not use all caps.

Please Note

Email addresses or links to submit to external sites in the role and project descriptions are prohibited. All submissions must be received and viewed through a Casting Frontier casting account.

If your project requires nudity or will include portrayals of adult themes and situations not suitable for children, please include clear descriptions of what will be required for all talent involved.