Michael Girardin

Dangerfields Talent-Portland - 818-400-3348 (Theatrical)

Male Caucasian

Brown Green 250lbs 6'3"

XXL 45" 32" 12 48L


Fight Club   Detective Walker David Fincher 20th Century Fox
The Rainmaker   Everett Lufkin Francis Ford Copola Paramount
James and the Giant Peach   Reporter Henry Selick Disney
Farmer and Chase   Hostage Michael Seitzman
The Manipulator (museum short film)   The Manipulator Tim Boxell Museum of Tolerance, L.A., Ca.
Steven Wright short film   Beat Cop Gary Guiterez Colosal Films, S.F., Ca.


Leverage   Assayer Marc Roskin TNT
N.Y.P.D. Blue   Guest Star Mark Tinker A.B.C.
The Hughleys   Guest Star A.B.C.
Two Guys a Girl & a Pizza Place   Guest Star John Fortenberry A.B.C
The Seige at Ruby Ridge (m.o.w.)   Co_Star Roger Young 20th Century fox television
A Cry in the Wild: The Taking of Peggy Ann (mow)   Co_star Charles corell N.B.C.
Over My Dead Body   Co-Star C.B.S.
Border Line (m.o.w.)   Co-Star Ken Kwapis N.B.C.
Visions of Murder(m.o.w.)   Co-Star ichael Ray Rhodes C.B.S.
Midnight Caller   Guest Star Kevin Hooks N.B.C.
The Flash   Sweaty Gambler Armen V. Kevorkian C.W.


Representative List  
The Red Adress   Dick Braverman Ken Magic Theater , S.F.
Man of the Flesh   Don Diego/Mr. Downey Patrick Kelley Magic Theater, S.F.
Giants have us in their books   Ensemble Jose Rivera Magic Theater, S.F.
True West   Lee Charles Brousse Theater Artists Of Marin
The Dumbwaiter   Ben Bannam Place Theater, S.F.
Curse of the Starving Class   Taylor Spectrum Theater, S.F.
The Homecoming   Teddy Chamber Theater, S.F.
Twelve angry Men   Juror#3 Chris Brophy Brainwash, S.F.
One Neck   Gus Paul Coddiga Intersection for the Arts, S.F.
Founding Fathers   George Washington Ron Kael Intersection for the Arts, S.F.
Spooks Lament   Dick Burden David Barth Climate Theater, S.F.
The Heel   Bob Pine David Barth 1800 Sq. Feet, S.F.
Billy the Kid   Pat Garret Magic Theater, S.F
I married a werewolf   Bill Smith (werewolf) Will Dunne Climate Theater ,S.F.
Savage in Limbo   Murk Climate Theater,S.F.
Bleacher Bums   Decker Valerie Oriordan Haigh Ashbury Rep., S.F.
Broadcast of the Century   Edgar Bergen/Charlie Mcarthy Steve Dobbins Zephyr Theate, S.F


Over 60 commercials, National &regional- list upon Request  


List upon request  


Richard Seyd, S.F., Jean Shelton, S.F, Alan Drew, S.F., Los Angeles City College, Drama Department