Alex Parker

Avenue Actors Agency - 818-856-0807 (Commercial, Print, Voiceover)

Male Caucasian

Brown Hazel 160lbs 6'2"

M 31" 34" 10 42R


Trained in the handling of wild/domestic animals


YOUTH   Lead Liza Seneca Paper Ball Pictures
Snoop: Good Friday   Supporting Matthew Minshall American Famous
Hearts of Palm   Supporting Jeffrey Ryan Kent Splitcell Entertainment
Torn Canvases   Lead Ted Ringeisen PMB
Tender Roots   Lead Matt Brailey Dodge
Once Upon a Text (in production)   Lead Lupe Valdez Imes Productions
Broadcast (post)   Lead Christopher Jordan BCP
Treacle (post)   Supporting Rosie Westhoff Mini Productions


Hashtag Awareness   Co-Star Benita Robledo Roonik Films
Lovers & Friends: LA   Co-Star Charmain Johnson 1025 Productions


Barfly Shakespeare   Sir Andrew Aguecheek Matthew Leavitt The 6th Act
Othello   Lieutenant Cassio Thomas Bigley The Porters of Hellsgate
King Lear   Edmund Thomas Bigley The Porters of Hellsgate
Troilus & Cressida   Troilus Charles Pasternak The Porters of Hellsgate
The Paris Letter   Burt/Y. Anton Jules Aaron The Group Rep


Never Been There   Huck Finn (lead) Krishna Rao


Sugar Babies   Supporting Lara Everly Refinery29
The Game   Lead Chet Abbott Pretty Much Boys
The Good Weekend   Lead Chet Abbott Pretty Much Boys
Science Fair Fiction   Lead Laura Hauschild UBER
Smee   Supporting Gus Krieger IPTP Films
Infinite Realms (a VR experience)   Supporting Sean Newcombe Vicarious Films


AA in Theatre (Performance) from Central Wyoming, Acting Internship at a Noise Within Classical Rep, Alexander w/ Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad, Combat w/ Gregory Hoffman/Dueling Arts Int'l, Improv w/ Lisa Schruga and Drew Droege at GROUNDLINGS  

Other Special Skills

Trained in the handling of wild/domestic animals 

Special Skills



Action (Advanced), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Lee Strasberg (Intermediate), Method (Advanced), Musical (Intermediate), Romantic (Advanced), Sanford Meisner (Intermediate), Science Fiction (Advanced), Sports (Advanced), Stanislavsky (Advanced), Stella Adler (Intermediate), Suspense (Advanced), Uta Hagen (Intermediate), War (Advanced), Western (Advanced)


Extreme Sports

BMX (Beginner), CYCLING, GENERAL (Advanced), FLATLAND/FREESTYLE (Intermediate), HALF PIPE (Beginner), JUMPS (Intermediate), MTN BIKING (Intermediate), PARKOUR (Beginner), RAZOR SCOOTER (Intermediate), RECUMBENT (Intermediate), ROAD BIKING (Intermediate), SKATEBOARD SLALOM (Beginner), SKATEBOARD STREET (Intermediate), SKATEBOARD STUNTS (Beginner), SKEET/TRAP SHOOTING (Beginner), SKY DIVING (Beginner), SNOWBOARDER (Beginner), SPEED SKATING (Beginner), SURFER (Beginner), TRIALS RIDING (Beginner), UNICYCLE (Beginner), VERT WALL (Beginner)


ACROBATICS (Beginner), AEROBICS (Beginner), ARCHERY (Intermediate), BADMINTON (Intermediate), BALLOONIST (Beginner), BASEBALL (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BATON TWIRLING (Beginner), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Intermediate), BOATING (Intermediate), BODY BUILDING (Beginner), BODY SURFING (Beginner), BOWLING (Intermediate), BOXING (Beginner), CANOEING (Intermediate), CHEER LEADING (Beginner), CRICKET (Beginner), CROQUET (Beginner), DIVING (Intermediate), DRIVE A BOAT (Intermediate), FENCING (Intermediate), FIELD HOCKEY (Beginner), FIGURE SKATE (Intermediate), FISHING (Intermediate), FLY FISHING (Intermediate), FOOTBALL (Intermediate), FRISBEE (Beginner), GOLF (Beginner), GYMNASTICS (Beginner), HACKEY-SACK (Beginner), HANDBALL (Beginner), HANG GLIDING (Beginner), HIKING (Intermediate), ICE HOCKEY (Beginner), ICE SKATE (Beginner), JET SKIER (Intermediate), JOGGING (Advanced), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE DOUBLE DUTCH (Beginner), KAYAKER (Intermediate), KICK BOXING (Beginner), LACROSSE (Beginner), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Intermediate), PILOT A PLANE (Beginner), PING PONG (Intermediate), POGO STICK (Intermediate), RACQUETBALL (Intermediate), RAPPELLING (Intermediate), ROCK CLIMBER (Intermediate), ROLLER HOCKEY (Beginner), ROLLER SKATE (Intermediate), ROLLERBLADE (Intermediate), RUGBY (Beginner), RUNNING (Advanced), SCUBA DIVER (Beginner), SCULLING (Beginner), SLACKLINE WALKING (Beginner), SNORKELER (Beginner), SNOW SKI (Intermediate), SNOWMOBILE (Beginner), SOCCER (Intermediate), SOFTBALL (Intermediate), SQUASH (Beginner), SUPERCROSS (Beginner), TENNIS (Intermediate), TIGHTROPE WALKING (Beginner), TRAMPOLINE (Intermediate), TRAPEZE (Beginner), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate), WATER POLO (Beginner), WATER SKIER (Beginner), WEIGHT LIFTER (Intermediate), WINDSURFER (Beginner), WRESTLING (Beginner)


BACK STROKE (Intermediate), BREAST STROKE (Intermediate), BUTTERFLY (Intermediate), DIVING (Intermediate), FREESTYLE (Intermediate), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced), SYNCHRONIZED (Beginner)

Track & Field

BROAD JUMP (Intermediate), DISCUS (Beginner), HIGH JUMP (Beginner), HURDLE (Beginner), JAVELIN (Beginner), LONG DISTANCE (Advanced), LONG JUMP (Intermediate), MARATHON (Intermediate), POLE VAULT (Beginner), RELAY (Intermediate), SHOT PUT (Beginner), SPRINTER (Intermediate), TRACK, GENERAL (Advanced), TRIATHLON (Intermediate)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Beginner), CROSS BOW (Beginner), HANDGUN (Intermediate), LONG BOW (Intermediate), RIFLE (Beginner)

Martial Arts

AIKIDO (Beginner), CAPOEIRA (Beginner), HAPKIDO (Beginner), JEET KUNE DO (Beginner), JIU-JITSU (Beginner), JUDO (Beginner), KARATE (Beginner), KRAV-MAGA (Beginner), KUNG FU (Beginner), TAE KWON DO (Intermediate), TAI CHI (Beginner), TAIBO (Beginner)

Martial Arts Weapons

BO STAFFS (Intermediate), ESCRIMA (Beginner), KAMA (Beginner), NANCHUKAS (Beginner), SAI (Beginner), SWORDS (Intermediate), THROWING KNIVES (Beginner), THROWING STARS (Beginner), TONFA (Beginner)

Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Intermediate), HAND-TO-HAND (Intermediate), RAPIER (Intermediate), STAFF (Intermediate), SWORDS (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

GROUNDLINGS (Intermediate), IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate), SHORT FORM (Intermediate), SKETCH (Intermediate), STAND-UP COMEDY (Intermediate)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


ARMENIAN (Beginner), AUSTRALIAN (Beginner), BRITISH (Beginner), CAJUN (Beginner), CANADIAN (Beginner), CHINESE (Beginner), COCKNEY (Beginner), FRENCH (Beginner), GERMAN (Beginner), IRISH (Beginner), ITALIAN (Beginner), JAMAICAN (Beginner), JAPANESE (Beginner), MEXICAN (Beginner), MIDDLE EASTERN (Beginner), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Beginner), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Beginner), NEW YORK / BRONX (Beginner), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Beginner), PUERTO RICAN (Beginner), RUSSIAN (Beginner), SCANDINAVIAN (Beginner), SCOTTISH (Beginner), SOUTH AFRICAN (Beginner), SOUTHERN (Beginner), SPANISH (Beginner), SWISS-GERMAN (Beginner)


ARABIC (Beginner), ARMENIAN (Beginner), BISAYA (Beginner), CANTONESE (Beginner), CATALAN (Beginner), CHINESE (Beginner), CZECH (Beginner), DANISH (Beginner), DUTCH (Beginner), ESTONIAN (Beginner), FARSI (Beginner), FILIPINO (Beginner), FINNISH (Beginner), FRENCH (Beginner), GERMAN (Beginner), GREEK (Beginner), HEBREW (Beginner), HINDI (Beginner), HUNGARIAN (Beginner), INDONESIAN (Beginner), ITALIAN (Beginner), JAPANESE (Beginner), KOREAN (Beginner), LATIN (Beginner), MALTESE (Beginner), MANDARIN (Beginner), NORWEGIAN (Beginner), NYANJA (Beginner), PERSIAN (Beginner), POLISH (Beginner), PORTUGUESE (Beginner), ROMANIAN (Beginner), RUSSIAN (Beginner), SIGN (Beginner), SINGHALESE (Beginner), SOMALIAN (Beginner), SPANISH (Beginner), SWAHILI (Beginner), SWEDISH (Beginner), TAGALOG (Beginner), TAIWANESE (Beginner), TIGRE (Beginner), TOISAN (Beginner), TURKISH (Beginner), UKRAINIAN (Beginner), URDU (Beginner), VIETNAMESE (Beginner), YIDDISH (Beginner)


Driving Skills

4WD (Advanced), AIRPLANE (Beginner), ATV (Intermediate), DUNE BUGGY (Advanced), HELICOPTER (Beginner), MOTORCYCLE, DIRT BIKE (Intermediate), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Intermediate), PRECISION DRIVER (Intermediate), SAILBOAT (Beginner), SEMI-TRUCK (Intermediate), SPEED BOAT (Intermediate), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Beginner), BARREL (Beginner), BULL RIDING (Beginner), DRESSAGE (Beginner), ENGLISH (Intermediate), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Intermediate), JUMP (Beginner), LASSO (Beginner), POLO (Beginner), RODEO (Beginner), RODEO CLOWN (Beginner), ROPE (Beginner), SIDE SADDLE (Beginner), WESTERN (Beginner)


CLASS C (Advanced)


ASTROLOGER (Beginner), AUCTIONEER (Beginner), BARTENDER (Advanced), CARPENTRY (Intermediate), CHEF (Beginner), CROCHET (Beginner), DISC JOCKEY (Intermediate), EAR PROMPTER (Beginner), HOSTING (Advanced), IMPRESSIONIST (Beginner), KNIT (Beginner), MAGICIAN (Beginner), MASSEUSE (Beginner), PILATES (Beginner), PUPPETRY (Intermediate), Santa Claus (Beginner), SIGN LANGUAGE (Beginner), STAND-IN EXPERIENCE (Advanced), STENOGRAPHER (Beginner), STRIPPER (Beginner), TELEPROMPTER (Advanced), VENTRILOQUIST (Beginner), VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), WHISTLER (Advanced), YO-YO (Intermediate), YOGA (Intermediate)


PRAT FALLS (Advanced)


Circus Skills

HULA HOOP (Intermediate), JUGGLER (Intermediate), STILT WALKER (Intermediate)


BASS (Intermediate), GUITAR (Beginner), KAZOO (Intermediate), PIANO (Beginner), STAND UP BASS (Beginner), TUBA (Beginner)


JAZZ (Intermediate), MUSICAL THEATER (Intermediate), POP (Beginner)

Vocal Range

BASS (Beginner)