Jill Jaress

Female White

Blonde Blue 133lbs 5'6"

6 30" 6-8 8 9


Accents: Mid-West, Southern, , New York, Texan, French, Italian,, Take direction easily & deliver quickly, Always on time, preparred & cheerful, Mock German, Russian and Polish., Excellent character actress., Both comedy and Drama, Improvisational Theatre


Dear Mr. God   Featured George Sanford Brown Hallmark
Book of Love   Star Robert Shaye New Line Cinema
Life Happens   Star Timothy Blake American Film Institute
The Resurrection of Claton Weaver   Featured Bob Wynn Madison Productions
Someone to Love   Star Jill Jaress Got a Laugh Entertainment
1 Nighter (AKA The One-NIghter)   Star Jill Jaress Got a Laugh Entertainment
Guy In Row Five   Co-Star John Stewart Odessa Films
The Detective   Featured David Cass Lifetime
Honey Boy   Star John Berry NBC
The Seekers   Co-Star Sydney Hayers Universal
Going Home   Co-Star David Cass Hallmark
Wedding Daze   Co-Star George Sanford Brown Hallmark
S.O.B   Featured Blake Edwards Paramount
The Nut House   Co-Star Adam Rifkin Connexion Film Co.
Back to You and Me   Co-Star David Cass Hallmark
The Long Shot   Co-Star David Cass Hallmark
The Jazz Singer   Featured Richard Fleisdher Universal
The Sitter   Co-Star Russel Malcahy Lifetime
Young Lust (Comedy)   Co-Star Gary Weiss Paramount
Sting II   Co-Star Jeremy Kagan Universal
Pump Up the Volume   Co-Star Allan Moyle New Line Cinema
Three of Hearts   Co-Star Yurek Bogeavich 20th Century Fox
License to Drive   Co-Star Greg Beeman Paramount
Universal Soldier   Featured Roland Emerich Universal


Studio 5 B   Guest Star Gene Reynolds Sony
Barnaby Jones   Recurring Principal Cory Allen NBC
Harry - O   Guest Star Don Weiss Paramount
The Judge   Guest Star Gene Reynolds NBC
Divorce Court   Guest Star Randy Cohen Kushner-Locke
McCloud   Guest Star Russ Mayberry Universal
Love American Style   Guest Star Jerry Paris Paramount
The New Odd Couple   Guest Star Joel Zwick Paramount
Barbery Coast   Co-Star Unknown Paramount
Passions   Recurring Principal Phideux Xavier CBS
Police Story   Recurring Principal Gary Nelson Paramount
Bah Bah Blacksheep   Recurring Principal Robert Conrad Universal
TAXI   Recurring Principal James Burrows MTM
The Bob Newhart Show   Recurring Principal James Burrows MTM
The New People   Star of Series Corey Allen ABC/ Aaron Spelling Prods
Shepards Flock   Star of Pilot Peter Tewksbury CBS/Talent Associates
Benson   Guest Star Asaad Kelada Paramount
Smart Guy   Guest Star Danny Kallis CBS
The Parkers   Guest Star Tony Singeltary Paramount
Rhoda   Guest Star James Burrows MTM
The Paul Riser Show   Co-Star Bryon Gordon Nuance
Unsolved Mysteries   Star David Vassar Kosgrove/Meurer Prods.
Tales From The Darkside   Star Christopher T Welch Paramout
Murder She Wrote   Guest Star Walter Grauman Universal
Me and Mom   Guest Star Bernard L. Kowalski ABC
Scarecrow and Mrs King   Guest Star James Frawley Paramount
Trapper John, M.D   Guest Star Gregory Harrison 20th Century Fox
The New Odd Couple   Guest Star Jerry Paris Paramount
Honey Boy   Star - TV Movie John Barry NBC
Mary Tyler More Comedy Hour   Co-Star James Burrows MTM
The Odd Couple   Guest Star Jerry Paris Paramount
Lou Grant   Guest Star Gene Reynolds MTM
Too Close For Comfort   Guest Star Arnie Sultan Paramount
The Seekers   Star - TV Movie Sidney Hayers Universal
Starsky and Hutch   Guest Star Paul Michael Glaser Paramount
Chips   Guest Star Don Weis MGM
Fantasy Island   Guest Star Richard Benedict Columbia Pictures TV
Fantasy Island   Guest Star Earl Bellamy Columbia Pictures TV
Kojak   Guest Star Abby Mann Universal
Marcus Welby   Guest Star Sydney Hayers - Universal
McMillan & Wife   Guest Star Leonard Stern CBS
McCloud   Guest Star Russ Maybery Universal
Cannon   Guest Star Sidney Hayers Paramount
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice   Guest Star Rick Edelstein Warner Bros


No, No, Nanette   Betty Burt Shevelove Broadway/46th Street Theatre
Dean   Shirley Robert H. Livingston London Casino /West End
Red Devil Battery Sign   Ella Gene Persson London/Round House Theatre
Life Under Water   Mom/Star Joe Salazar Hollywood/McCadden Theatre
The Disposal   Star Joe Salazar Mccadden Theatre
Nobody   Star Joe Salazar McCadden Theatre
Bells Are Ringing   Ella/Star Kit Carson Dearborn Summer Theatre
Brigadoon   Dearborn summer Theatre
Carrosel   Star Dearborn Summer Theatre
Oklahoma   Laurie Dearborn Summer Theatre


Upon Request  


37 Comedy Guest Shots (See Above)  
The Groundlings - Improvisational Theatre   Tom Maxwell
Mice- Improvisational Theater  
Instant Gratification   David Starwalt



Music videos







Star Secrets   Host KYPA Radio
Breaking In   Host Cable


Film Indistry Workshop, Charles Conrad - Film and Television, Milton Katselis - Film and Television, Estelle Harmon - Film and Television  

Other Special Skills

Accents: Mid-West, Southern, , New York, Texan, French, Italian,, Take direction easily & deliver quickly, Always on time, preparred & cheerful, Mock German, Russian and Polish., Excellent character actress., Both comedy and Drama, Improvisational Theatre 

Special Skills



ARCHERY (Beginner), BOATING (Beginner), BOWLING (Beginner), CANOEING (Beginner), GOLF (Beginner), HIKING (Beginner)


BACK STROKE (Advanced), FREESTYLE (Advanced), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

GROUNDLINGS (Advanced), IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), LONG FORM (Advanced), SHORT FORM (Advanced), SKETCH (Advanced), STAND-UP COMEDY (Intermediate), VIOLA SPOLIN (Advanced)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


FRENCH (Intermediate), GERMAN (Intermediate), ITALIAN (Intermediate), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Advanced), NEW YORK / BRONX (Advanced), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Advanced), SCANDINAVIAN (Advanced), SOUTHERN (Advanced)


Driving Skills

4WD (Beginner), STICK SHIFT (Beginner)


ASTROLOGER (Beginner), CHEF (Beginner), EAR PROMPTER (Beginner), MASSEUSE (Beginner), YO-YO (Beginner)


Circus Skills

HULA HOOP (Beginner)


CLUB/FREESTYLE (Advanced), LINE (Intermediate), POLKA (Intermediate), SALSA (Intermediate), SQUARE (Intermediate), SWING (Intermediate), WALTZ (Intermediate)


PIANO (Beginner), TAMBOURINE (Intermediate), TROMBONE (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Intermediate), MUSICAL THEATER (Intermediate), R&B (Intermediate)

Vocal Range

ALTO (Advanced)


Fabulous Wardrobe 
and a very small pot roast. :) 
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom. Cheers, Jill