Neil Vanides

Making Stars Talent Agency - 661-380-2865 (Theatrical, Commercial, Print, Voiceover)

Male White, Latinx/Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Multi-Ethnic, Native American, Ambiguous

Black Brown 162lbs 6'

M 32" 30" 11 38R


Construction, Finish Carpentry, Set Construction, Furniture Design & Construction, Painting, Drywall, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Property Demo, Property Rehab, Renovation, Hardwood Flooring, Wood Staining, Floor Installation & Resurfacing, Pouring Concrete


My Son, My Savior   Lead Steve Boettcher Boettcher Trinklein Productions
The Box Collector   Lead Dirk Van Sloten
Familiye   Lead Sedat Kirtan Netflix
Come Follow Me   Lead Steve Boettcher Boettcher Trinklein Productions
Green Grass   Lead Steven Miosku
Modern Romance   Lead Sergio Espinosa Brownboy Picturehouse
Kaylee   Lead Brian Hollendyke
Secret Life, Secret Death   Lead Genevieve Davis MPTV/ PBS
Deliver This!   Lead Dustin Schmaus Schmaus Productions
Redemption   Lead Jesse Galan Psycho Boots Productions
Let's Get You Famous   Lead Michael Sapieja Pantheon Productions


Paranormal Midwest   Recurring Erik West
Chicago Fire   Guest Star NBC/ Universal Studios
Ethos   Star Berkun Oya Netflix
Teen Forum   Host Vertna Bradley Strive Media Productions
Secret Life, Secret Death   Co-Star Genevieve Davis MPTV/ PBS
Mind Games   Co-Star ABC/ 20th Century Fox


West Side Story   Lead Sandy Strawn UWM BFA Production
A Cosmic Web (& Tour)   Lead Robin Mello NASA
Pride & Prejudice   Lead Ed Jenkins Acacia Theatre Company
A Tale of Two Cities   Lead Michael Landers Morning Star Productions


MLS "Live Your Colors"   Lead Will Newell Evo Films
Harley Davidson Summer Fashion Release   Featured Kurt Raether SRH Branding & Production Co.
Miller Lite Summer Promo   Featured Helix Productions, LLC
Travel Wisconsin   Featured Sam Macon Allies & Co.
Ragu: "What Makes a Sauce?"   Lead Neil Bartley, Arni Thor Jonsson Spears & Arrows
Ragu: "Simmered In Tradition"   Lead Brian Malott Lucky 21


Ragu: Rose Bowl Parade Float   Lead Havas, Ragu
The Journeyman   Lead Michael Sutton Kimpton Group/M.S. Co Photo
Patowotomi Casino "Win Big"   Featured BVK
Medieval Knights   Lead Moriah Bame BuyCostumes.Com
Sheraton Hotel & Resorts "Manifesto"   Featured Erik Vervroegen Marcel


MRANet.ORG   Narrator Andrew Heck Heck Productions
Familye   Miko Studiopolis Netflix
The Brinkman Adventures   Anthony Straus Ian Bultman The Brinkman Adventures
Ethos   Yasin Berkun Oya Netflix


Teen Forum   Host Vertna Bradley Strive Media


Richard Chudnow, Comedy Sportz, Long-Short Form Improv, Level 3, Brian Posen Second City Chicago, Improv for Actors, Level 3, Michael Pieper Second City Chicago, Acting On Camera, Level 3, Padraic Connelly The iO Theater, Chicago Acting - Summer Intensive, Michael Landers Narrow Path Productions, Stage Combat, Stunts, Jumps, Falls Level 3, Bill Watson UW-Milwaukee, BFA Method Acting, Level 4, Raeleen McMillion UW-Milwaukee, BFA Meisner Technique, Level 4, Rebecca Holderness UW-Milwaukee, BFA Alexander Work, Level 4, Michelle Lopez UW-Milwaukee, BFA Voicework, Dialects Level 4, Clay Banks, CBSI, On-Camera Character Development & Scene Study, Brad Heller, The Heller Approach, On-Camera Scene Study, Colleen Foy, Angela Fornero, Stan Kirsch Studios, Audition Bootcamp and Scene Study (Ongoing)  

Other Special Skills

Construction, Finish Carpentry, Set Construction, Furniture Design & Construction, Painting, Drywall, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Property Demo, Property Rehab, Renovation, Hardwood Flooring, Wood Staining, Floor Installation & Resurfacing, Pouring Concrete 

Special Skills



Action (Advanced), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Lee Strasberg (Intermediate), Method (Advanced), Musical (Intermediate), Romantic (Advanced), Sanford Meisner (Advanced), Science Fiction (Advanced), Sports (Intermediate), Stanislavsky (Advanced), Stella Adler (Beginner), Suspense (Advanced), War (Intermediate), Western (Intermediate)


Extreme Sports

CYCLING, GENERAL (Intermediate), MTN BIKING (Intermediate), PARKOUR (Beginner), RAZOR SCOOTER (Beginner), ROAD BIKING (Intermediate), SKEET/TRAP SHOOTING (Intermediate), SPEED SKATING (Intermediate)


ACROBATICS (Beginner), AEROBICS (Intermediate), ARCHERY (Beginner), BADMINTON (Intermediate), BASEBALL (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Intermediate), BODY BUILDING (Beginner), BOWLING (Intermediate), BOXING (Beginner), CANOEING (Advanced), CROQUET (Intermediate), DIVING (Beginner), DRIVE A BOAT (Beginner), FENCING (Beginner), FIELD HOCKEY (Beginner), FISHING (Beginner), FOOTBALL (Intermediate), FRISBEE (Intermediate), GOLF (Beginner), HACKEY-SACK (Advanced), HIKING (Intermediate), ICE HOCKEY (Beginner), ICE SKATE (Intermediate), JOGGING (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), KAYAKER (Advanced), KICK BOXING (Beginner), PING PONG (Beginner), POGO STICK (Beginner), RAPPELLING (Beginner), ROLLER HOCKEY (Beginner), ROLLER SKATE (Intermediate), ROLLERBLADE (Intermediate), RUNNING (Intermediate), SNORKELER (Beginner), SOCCER (Beginner), TENNIS (Beginner), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate), WEIGHT LIFTER (Beginner), WRESTLING (Beginner)


BACK STROKE (Intermediate), BREAST STROKE (Beginner), BUTTERFLY (Beginner), DIVING (Beginner), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Track & Field

BROAD JUMP (Intermediate), HURDLE (Beginner), LONG DISTANCE (Intermediate), MARATHON (Beginner), RELAY (Intermediate), SPRINTER (Intermediate), TRACK, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Intermediate), CROSS BOW (Intermediate), HANDGUN (Intermediate), LONG BOW (Beginner), RIFLE (Advanced)

Martial Arts

JEET KUNE DO (Beginner), KUNG FU (Advanced), TAI CHI (Beginner)

Martial Arts Weapons

BO STAFFS (Intermediate), NANCHUKAS (Intermediate), SWORDS (Intermediate), THROWING KNIVES (Beginner), THROWING STARS (Beginner)

Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Advanced), HAND-TO-HAND (Advanced), RAPIER (Intermediate), STAFF (Advanced), SWORDS (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

GROUNDLINGS (Advanced), IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), LONG FORM (Advanced), SECOND CITY (Intermediate), SHORT FORM (Advanced), SKETCH (Advanced), STAND-UP COMEDY (Beginner)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


ARMENIAN (Intermediate), AUSTRALIAN (Intermediate), BRITISH (Advanced), COCKNEY (Intermediate), FRENCH (Beginner), GERMAN (Beginner), IRISH (Intermediate), ITALIAN (Intermediate), MEXICAN (Advanced), MIDDLE EASTERN (Intermediate), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Advanced), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Beginner), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Intermediate), PUERTO RICAN (Intermediate), RUSSIAN (Intermediate), SCOTTISH (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Intermediate), SPANISH (Advanced)


GREEK (Beginner), KOREAN (Beginner), SPANISH (Intermediate)


Driving Skills

DUNE BUGGY (Intermediate), PRECISION DRIVER (Beginner), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Beginner), ENGLISH (Intermediate), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Intermediate), ROPE (Beginner), WESTERN (Intermediate)


CLASS D (Advanced)


BARTENDER (Beginner), CARPENTRY (Advanced), CHEF (Advanced), EAR PROMPTER (Intermediate), HOSTING (Advanced), IMPRESSIONIST (Advanced), PILATES (Beginner), PUPPETRY (Intermediate), STAND-IN EXPERIENCE (Intermediate), TELEPROMPTER (Advanced), VIDEO GAMES (Advanced), WHISTLER (Advanced), YOGA (Intermediate)


BUILDING FALLING (Intermediate), PRAT FALLS (Beginner)


Circus Skills

CLOWN (Intermediate), HULA HOOP (Beginner), MIME (Intermediate)


BALLROOM (Beginner), BREAK (Beginner), CLUB/FREESTYLE (Beginner), DISCO (Beginner), HIP HOP (Beginner), JAZZ (Beginner), MODERN (Beginner), POP LOCKING (Beginner), ROBOT (Advanced), SALSA (Beginner), SWING (Beginner), TANGO (Beginner)


CONGA (Intermediate), DRUMS (Beginner), GUITAR (Beginner), PIANO (Beginner), TAMBOURINE (Beginner)


COUNTRY (Beginner), FOLK (Intermediate), JAZZ (Intermediate), MUSICAL THEATER (Advanced), POP (Intermediate), RAP (Beginner)

Vocal Range

BARITONE (Advanced), TENOR (Intermediate)


Canon Eos M50 4K Mirrorless Camera 
Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera 
Four Light Soft Box Lighting Kit 
LED Two Tone Dimmable Ring Light 
Hand Tools 
Power Tools 
Blue Yeti Microphone 
Home Recording Studio & Self Tape Room 
Source Connect Capable 
2007 Gray Honda S2000 Convertible (Manual)