Katie Callaway

ATB Talent Agency - LA - 323-761-0282 (Commercial) , and Cylence Media Management - 888-320-3933 (Manager)

Female Caucasian, Native American, Ambiguous

Brown Brown 108lbs 5'3"

2-4 23" 0-2 0-2 7.5


Prize Fighter   Lead Chris Keyes Dragon Productions
Pomelo   Lead Blake Johnson Red Vessel Entertainment
Hear Me Now   Supporting Bill Cornelius Lavorsia Pictures / Skydive Films
Undone   Lead Jessica Hershatter ETV Films
Popsicles   Lead Dir. Hayden Mason MTSU FIlm Guild
Hannah Montana The Movie   Featured Peter Chelsom Disney
Inheritance   Principal Vaughn Stein White Comet Productions
The Clapper   Featured Dito Montiel Kodiak / Momentum Pictures


Nashville - Season 4, Ep. 19   Recurring Bethany Rooney ABC / Lionsgate
Christmas at Belmont   Co-Star PBS w/ Laura Bell Bundy PBS
Interns (Musical Comedy Pilot)   Series Regular James Thayer Seek First Productions
Nashville - Season 4, Ep. 14   Recurring Lily Mariye ABC / Lionsgate
Nashville - Season 4, Ep. 10   Recurring Arlene Sanford ABC / Lionsgate
Christmas at Belmont   Co-Star PBS w/ Denyce Graves PBS
Southern Money (Pilot)   Series Regular Alfonso Rosales E! / Sirens Media


The Addams Family   Wednesday Jim Himmelrick Towne Centre Theatre
Catch Me If You Can   Brenda Strong Blandina Cruz Pull Tight Theatre
Singin' In The Rain   Lina Lamont David Shamburger Belmont University
The Drowsy Chaperone   Janet Van De Graaf Steve Stamps Pull Tight Theatre
The King and I   Tuptim Karen Himmelrick Pull Tight Theatre
Into The Woods   Stepmother David Shamburger Belmont University
Les Miserables   Featured Ensemble David Shamburger Belmont University (1st Collegiate Production)
The Pajama Game   Babe Kari Smith Ravenwood Performing Arts Centre
Jack or the Submission   Roberta 1 / Roberta 2 Kari Smith Ravenwood Performing Arts Centre
A Midsummer Night's Dream   Hermia Kari Smith Ravenwood Performing Arts Centre
Footloose   Urleen Kari Smith Ravenwood Performing Arts Centre
West Side Story   Dance Captain & Shark Kari Smith Ravenwood Performing Arts Centre


Zaxby's w/ Brad Paisley (national)   Lead Brad Lubin The Joinery
Nissan "Titan" w/ Craig Wayne Boyd (national)   Lead Shane Drake NBC
Toyota "Corolla"   Lead Michael Merriman Cambio Media
Zaxby's w/ Kix Brooks   Lead John Grammatico Company
Blue Cross Blue Shield   Lead Ramaa Mosley BCBS
Roll iPhone App   Lead James Thayer Seek First Productions


Blue Cross Blue Shield   Model - Principal Ramaa Mosely BCBS
IDIO Website Promo   Woman in Restaurant Lori Rubenstein I Dig It Out Research & Marketing

Music videos

"I Wont Let Go" - Rascal Flatts   Teenage Girl Taylor Smith Ruckus
"Born To Be Blue" - The Mavericks   Girl in Bar David McClister Ruckus FIlms
"Summer Thang" - Brandon Ray   Female Lead Dallas Wilson Freeway Creative Group
"Sundress" - Landon Austin   Female Lead Landon Austin L.A.P.
"Crazy" - Brian Grilli   Female Lead Patrick Tohill PTP


2012 Fuge Opening Video   "Walk" Lead Jeff Venable Lifeway
2010 Fuge Opening Video   Teenage Girl Jeff Venable Lifeway
Going Beyone - Priscilla Shirer   "Broken" Lead Seth Worley Lifeway


Classical Voice - Jo Lynn Burks - Belmont University, Audition Technique - Mark Teschner - TVI Actors Studio, Musical Theatre Masterclass - Jason Robert Brown - Lyrique Music Productions, Musical Theatre Masterclass - Pasek & Paul - Belmont University, On Camera Audition Development - Jamie Castro & Drew Rausch - Los Angeles, California  

Special Skills


Extreme Sports

CYCLING, GENERAL (Beginner), SKY DIVING (Beginner), SURFER (Beginner)


BOXING (Intermediate), CANOEING (Beginner), FOOTBALL (Beginner), HIKING (Intermediate), KAYAKER (Beginner), KICK BOXING (Intermediate), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Intermediate), SNORKELER (Intermediate), WEIGHT LIFTER (Beginner)


BACK STROKE (Beginner), BREAST STROKE (Intermediate), BUTTERFLY (Intermediate), DIVING (Intermediate), FREESTYLE (Intermediate), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Track & Field

SPRINTER (Beginner), TRACK, GENERAL (Beginner)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Intermediate), CROSS BOW (Intermediate), HANDGUN (Intermediate), RIFLE (Intermediate)

Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Intermediate), HAND-TO-HAND (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate), SKETCH (Intermediate), STAND-UP COMEDY (Intermediate)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


BRITISH (Intermediate), ITALIAN (Intermediate), NEW YORK / BRONX (Beginner), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Intermediate), PUERTO RICAN (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Advanced)


GERMAN (Beginner), ITALIAN (Beginner), SPANISH (Beginner)


Driving Skills

4WD (Intermediate), ATV (Intermediate)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Intermediate), ENGLISH (Advanced), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Advanced), JUMP (Intermediate), WESTERN (Intermediate)


ASTROLOGER (Beginner), CHEF (Intermediate), HOSTING (Intermediate), PILATES (Intermediate), PUPPETRY (Intermediate), TELEPROMPTER (Intermediate), YOGA (Intermediate)


Circus Skills

AERIAL WORK (Beginner)


BALLET (Advanced), CLUB/FREESTYLE (Advanced), HIP HOP (Advanced), JAZZ (Advanced), POINTE (Advanced), TAP (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Intermediate), FOLK (Intermediate), MUSICAL THEATER (Advanced), OPERA (Advanced), POP (Intermediate)

Vocal Range

MEZZO-SOPRANO (Advanced), SOPRANO (Advanced)