Gabby Sanalitro

Activity - 818-308-6420 (Commercial) , Altamero Management - 818-667-5425 (Manager) , and Atlas Talent Agency - 310-324-9800 (Voiceover)

Female White

Brown Brown 5'3"

>24 49" >24 >24 8.5


Fluent in Italian, Singing (alto), Kickboxing, Volleyball


Case 219   Supporting James Bruce
Free Lunch Express   Supporting Len Britton
Dark Was the Night   Supporting Joshua Leonard
Since You've Been Gone   Supporting David Schwimmer
La Dolce Velvetta   Starring Joal Paley
Scream of The Bikini   Supporting Kiff Scholl
Everybody Wants to be Italian   Supporting Jason Todd Ipson
The Kid and I   Supporting Penelope Spheeris
Disappearing   Starring Stephanie Berk


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend   Co-Star Michael Patrick Jann CW
Ravens Home   Recurring Robbie Countryman Disney
Where The Bears Are   Guest Star Joe Dietl 3 Bears Entertainment
Lady Dynamite   Co-Star Mitchell Hurwitz Netflix
Angie Tribeca   Co-Star Rachel Lee Goldberg TNT
That 90's Show   Co-Star Gail Mancuso Netflix
Corporate   Co-Star Pat Bishop Comedy Central
Will and Grace   Co-Star James Burrows NBC
Just Roll With It   Co-Star Wendy Faraone Disney
Flipped   Co-Star Ryan Case Quibi
Diary Of A Future President   Recurring Angele Tortu Disney
Saved By The Bell   Co-Star Trent O'Donnell NBC/Peacock
And Just Like That   Co-Star Michael Patrick King HBO
I Think You Should Leave   Co-Star Alice Mathias Netflix
Tiny Beautiful Things   Co-Star Rachel Lee Goldenberg Hulu
Good Luck Charlie   Guest Star Phill Lewis Disney
Early Edition   Co-Star Columbia TriStar Television
Dexter   Co-Star Ernest Dickerson Showtime
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien   Co-Star Brian McCaan NBC
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien   Co-Star Brian Stack NBC
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien   Co-Star Brian McCann NBC
The Search For The Next Elvira   Co-Star Natural 9 Entertainment
Criminal Minds   Co-Star Elodie Keene Touchstone Television
Mind of Mencia   Co-Star Liz Plonka Comedy Central
Strong Medicine   Recurring Joe Napolitano Wooster Productions
Girlboss   Co-Star Steven Tsuchida Netflix
Marry Me   Co-Star Seth Gordon NBC
Baskets   Guest Star Jonathan Krisel FX
Raven's Home   Guest Star Robbie Countryman Disney
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn   Recurring E.D. Seaton/T. Kirschner Nickelodeon
Smilf   Co-Star Amy York Rubin Showtime
The Rich & the Ruthless   Recurring Victoria Rowell UMC
Fresh Off The Boat   Co-Star Sean Kavanagh ABC


Bronies The Musical   Starring Richard Israel Third Street Theatre
Vampire Lesbians of Sodom   Starring Doug Hartzell Hartzell Productions
Tony N' Tina's Wedding   Starring Larry Pelligrini Piper's Alley Chicago (Original Cast)
A Vast Wreck   Supporting Dara Weinberg Theatre of Note
BrandoHead   Supporting Dara Weinberg Theatre of Note
Before I Wake   Supporting Ezra Buzzington Theatre of Note
Serial Killers   Supporting Jamie Robledo Sacred Fools Theatre
The Vagina Monologues(w/Tippi Hedren)   Starring Ally Zonius Barnsdall Gallery Theatre
The Real Housekeepers of Studio City   Supporting Ryan Bergman Hollywood Fringe @The Asylum


103.5   Dancing Wedding Guest
1-900-USA-REVENGE   Nagging Wife Metrovision
Kentucky Lottery   Wife Videobred
The Learning Seed   Customer Stage Fright Productions
McDonald's   Customer McDonald's


Master Class Howard Fine, Scene Study Tom Erwin, Improv Martin Dematt, Columbia College BA Theatre, On Camera Technique with Charles Carroll  

Other Special Skills

Fluent in Italian, Singing (alto), Kickboxing, Volleyball 

Special Skills



Action (Intermediate), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Lee Strasberg (Intermediate), Method (Intermediate), Musical (Advanced), Romantic (Intermediate), Sanford Meisner (Intermediate), Science Fiction (Advanced), Sports (Intermediate), Stanislavsky (Intermediate), Stella Adler (Intermediate), Suspense (Advanced), Uta Hagen (Advanced), War (Intermediate), Western (Intermediate)



AEROBICS (Intermediate), BADMINTON (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Intermediate), BOWLING (Intermediate), BOXING (Beginner), CHEER LEADING (Beginner), DIVING (Intermediate), FOOTBALL (Intermediate), FRISBEE (Intermediate), GYMNASTICS (Intermediate), HANDBALL (Intermediate), JOGGING (Intermediate), KICK BOXING (Beginner), PING PONG (Intermediate), SOFTBALL (Intermediate), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate)


BACK STROKE (Intermediate), BREAST STROKE (Intermediate), BUTTERFLY (Intermediate), DIVING (Intermediate), FREESTYLE (Advanced), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), SECOND CITY (Intermediate), SHORT FORM (Intermediate), SKETCH (Advanced)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


BRITISH (Intermediate), CAJUN (Intermediate), CANADIAN (Intermediate), COCKNEY (Intermediate), FRENCH (Intermediate), GERMAN (Intermediate), IRISH (Intermediate), ITALIAN (Advanced), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Intermediate), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Intermediate), NEW YORK / BRONX (Advanced), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Advanced), RUSSIAN (Intermediate), SCOTTISH (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Intermediate), SPANISH (Intermediate)


ITALIAN (Advanced), SPANISH (Intermediate)


Driving Skills

4WD (Advanced)



CLUB/FREESTYLE (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Intermediate), MUSICAL THEATER (Intermediate), OPERA (Intermediate), POP (Intermediate), R&B (Intermediate)

Vocal Range

ALTO (Advanced)