Mark Larson

NTA Talent Agency - 323.969.0113 (Commercial) , and MKS and Associates - Theatrical - 310.838.1211 (Theatrical)

Male Black, White, Latinx/Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Multi-Ethnic, Native American, Pacific Islander, Ambiguous

Brown Brown 175lbs 6'

M 32" 32" 10 38R


TV Eye   Jesus NYU, Tisch School
Ghosts   Marco NYU, Tisch School
In A Silent Way (Feature, Apple TV)   Mark Eric Rothco Collin Mckenzee Levin Feature
Revolving Doors   Johnny NYU, Tisch School
In A Silent Way (Short)   Marc Eric Rothco Collin Mckenzee Levin Short


American Crime Story: The People Vs. OJ Simpson   Co-Star Ryan Murphy Season 1, Episode 10


"Love and War"-Brown / Trinity Thesis Solo Performance   Chance Wayne / Multiple Mark Larson Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike   Spike Curt Columbus Trinity Repertory Company, Providence, RI
The Hot L Baltimore   Paul Granger III Amy Wright HB Studios, New York, NY
Small Craft Warnings   Bobby / Tony Taibi Magar Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
The Skin Of Our Teeth   Mammoth / Band Taibi Magar Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
The Winter's Tale   Clown Taibi Magar Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
As You Like It   Silvius / Charles the Wrestler Heidi Handelsman Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
Marisol   Man with Scar Tissue Taibi Magar Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
Jedermann   Good Fellow Brian Mertes Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
The Suicide   Alexander Kalabushkin Melissa Kievman Brown-Trinity Rep MFA, Providence, RI
Equus (starring Alec Baldwin)   Horse Tony Walton John Drew Theater, Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY


"Swedish Fish Shark Week" National Commecial   Hero Vince Peone Discovery Channel + Affiliates
Super73 Electric Bike Print/Social Media Campaigns   Principal (Multiple Campaigns) Lauren Davis Social Media / Print
"Fabletics Fit" Fitness App   Workout Creator - Class Instructor Kate Hudson (Owner) International Fitness App for Phones / Tablets
"Order For Me" Commercial   Principal Michael Jordan (CEO, Founder) Television / Internet


"Save Sarah"   Nick Ringo Tuttle Internet Web Series
"Rattled"   Chris Matthew Walsh Internet Web Series
Prius Found (a scene from "The Other Guys") - COMEDY   Multiple Michelle Benedet-Deuschle Internet
"The Dark Knight: Alfred Re-Imagined" - DRAMA   Alfred Mike Leary "Character Visitations" - Web Series
"Chance Wayne" (Audition Series) - DRAMA   Chance Wayne Mark Larson Internet
"A Perfect Creature" (Orpheus Descending) - DRAMA   Valentino Mark Larson Internet
"Chocolate?" (Yes, Venice) - COMEDY   Co-Star Adrienne Ackerman Internet Web Series


Brown-Trinity Rep M.F.A. Program, M.F.A. Acting (2014), Yale University, B.A. American Studies (2007), The Ruskin School of Acting - Santa Monica, CA (2018 - Present), BGB Studio - Los Angeles, CA (2015 - 2018) , HB Studios - New York, NY (2009 - 2011), Groundlings - Los Angeles, CA (2018 - Ongoing)  

Special Skills



Action (Advanced), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Intermediate), Method (Advanced), Musical (Intermediate), Romantic (Advanced), Sanford Meisner (Intermediate), Science Fiction (Advanced), Sports (Advanced), Suspense (Advanced), War (Advanced), Western (Advanced)


Extreme Sports

BMX (Intermediate), CYCLING, GENERAL (Advanced), FLATLAND/FREESTYLE (Beginner), JUMPS (Beginner), MTN BIKING (Intermediate), RAZOR SCOOTER (Intermediate), ROAD BIKING (Advanced), SKATEBOARD SLALOM (Intermediate), SKATEBOARD STREET (Intermediate), SKATEBOARD STUNTS (Intermediate), SNOWBOARDER (Advanced), SURFER (Advanced), TRIALS RIDING (Beginner)


ACROBATICS (Intermediate), AEROBICS (Advanced), ARCHERY (Beginner), BADMINTON (Intermediate), BASEBALL (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BOATING (Beginner), BODY BUILDING (Advanced), BODY SURFING (Advanced), BOWLING (Beginner), BOXING (Intermediate), CANOEING (Intermediate), CRICKET (Intermediate), FENCING (Beginner), FISHING (Intermediate), FLY FISHING (Intermediate), FOOTBALL (Advanced), FRISBEE (Intermediate), GOLF (Beginner), GYMNASTICS (Intermediate), HACKEY-SACK (Beginner), HANDBALL (Beginner), HIKING (Advanced), ICE HOCKEY (Beginner), ICE SKATE (Intermediate), JET SKIER (Intermediate), JOGGING (Advanced), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), KAYAKER (Intermediate), KICK BOXING (Beginner), LACROSSE (Advanced), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Intermediate), PING PONG (Beginner), ROCK CLIMBER (Beginner), ROLLER SKATE (Beginner), ROLLERBLADE (Intermediate), RUGBY (Beginner), RUNNING (Advanced), SNORKELER (Intermediate), SNOW SKI (Beginner), SOCCER (Advanced), SOFTBALL (Advanced), SQUASH (Beginner), SUPERCROSS (Beginner), TENNIS (Beginner), TRAMPOLINE (Beginner), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate), WATER POLO (Beginner), WATER SKIER (Beginner), WEIGHT LIFTER (Advanced), WRESTLING (Beginner)


BACK STROKE (Advanced), BREAST STROKE (Beginner), BUTTERFLY (Beginner), DIVING (Intermediate), FREESTYLE (Advanced), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced)

Track & Field

HIGH JUMP (Beginner), HURDLE (Beginner), LONG DISTANCE (Advanced), LONG JUMP (Beginner), MARATHON (Beginner), RELAY (Advanced), SPRINTER (Advanced), TRACK, GENERAL (Advanced)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Beginner), CROSS BOW (Beginner), HANDGUN (Beginner), LONG BOW (Beginner), RIFLE (Beginner)

Martial Arts

JUDO (Intermediate), KARATE (Intermediate), KUNG FU (Intermediate), TAE KWON DO (Beginner), TAI CHI (Intermediate), TAIBO (Intermediate)

Martial Arts Weapons

BO STAFFS (Intermediate), ESCRIMA (Intermediate), KAMA (Beginner), NANCHUKAS (Beginner), SAI (Intermediate), SWORDS (Beginner), THROWING KNIVES (Intermediate), THROWING STARS (Beginner), TONFA (Beginner)

Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Intermediate), HAND-TO-HAND (Intermediate), RAPIER (Intermediate), STAFF (Intermediate), SWORDS (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

GROUNDLINGS (Intermediate), IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate), SKETCH (Intermediate)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


AUSTRALIAN (Beginner), BRITISH (Advanced), CAJUN (Advanced), COCKNEY (Advanced), FRENCH (Advanced), GERMAN (Advanced), IRISH (Advanced), ITALIAN (Advanced), JAMAICAN (Advanced), MEXICAN (Advanced), MIDDLE EASTERN (Intermediate), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Intermediate), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Advanced), NEW YORK / BRONX (Advanced), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Advanced), PUERTO RICAN (Advanced), RUSSIAN (Advanced), SCANDINAVIAN (Intermediate), SCOTTISH (Advanced), SOUTH AFRICAN (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Advanced), SPANISH (Advanced)


SPANISH (Intermediate)


Driving Skills

4WD (Advanced), ATV (Beginner), DUNE BUGGY (Intermediate), MOTORCYCLE, DIRT BIKE (Intermediate), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Intermediate), PRECISION DRIVER (Beginner), SAILBOAT (Beginner)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Beginner), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Beginner), RODEO (Beginner), WESTERN (Beginner)


CLASS D (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M1 (Advanced)


BARTENDER (Intermediate), PUPPETRY (Advanced), VIDEO GAMES (Advanced), WHISTLER (Intermediate), YOGA (Advanced)


PRAT FALLS (Intermediate)


Circus Skills

CLOWN (Intermediate), HULA HOOP (Intermediate), JUGGLER (Beginner)


BALLROOM (Beginner), BREAK (Beginner), CLUB/FREESTYLE (Intermediate), DISCO (Beginner), FLAMENCO (Beginner), HIP HOP (Intermediate), HULA (Beginner), JAZZ (Beginner), LINE (Beginner), MODERN (Intermediate), POP LOCKING (Beginner), ROBOT (Beginner), SALSA (Beginner), SAMBA (Beginner), SQUARE (Beginner), SWING (Beginner), TANGO (Beginner), WALTZ (Beginner)


HARMONICA (Intermediate), KAZOO (Advanced), MARACAS (Intermediate), PERCUSSION (Beginner), SAX (Advanced)