James O'Halloran

NTA Talent Agency - 323.969.0113 (Commercial, Theatrical)

Male White

Brown Hazel 181lbs 6'1"

M 32" 32" 10.5 40L


Rebel Moon   Roughman Zack Snyder Netflix
Cynthia   Randy Devon Downs, Kenny Gage Lionsgate/ Indican
The Deliverance   Satan Lee Daniels Netflix
When Love Springs   Noah Bardon Jo-Anne Brechin Hallmark
Beverly Hills Broke   Julian Reed Dir. Shawn Lock TV Movie
Kidnapped to the Island   Rhett Dir. Jeff Hare Lifetime
Suburban Swingers Club   Noah Crainer/ Lead Jessica Janos Lifetime
Wild Hearts   Ryan Rob Margolies Short
Deadly Crush   Liam Cunningham/ Lead Dakota Aesquivel Feature


Notorious   Moteo Mike Listo ABC
Never Tear us Apart   Recurring Diana Reid Seven Network
AP Bio   Rob Blake McClure NBC
The Mindy Project   Julian Michael Spiller Hulu
Good People   Max Lee Daniels Amazon/ Fox
Bold and the Beautiful   Julian Michael Stich CBS
The Catch   Ivor Rob Bowman ABC
Single Parents   Jared Erin O'Malley ABC
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders   Christian Marks Laura Belsey CBS
Jane The Virgin   Ryan Melanie Mayron CW
The Talk   Guest - Himself CBS
Superstore   Dr. Gillespie Daniella Eisman NBC
The Young and Restless   Daniel Michael Eilbaum CBS
The Price is Right   Presenter - Series Reg. Adam Sandler CBS
Twenty Something   Guest Jess Harris ABC
The Weatherman   Officer Lucas Crandles Dark Heart
Offspring   Fling John Edwards TEN Network
The Late Late Show   Guest - Himself CBS
Ellen DeGeneres   Guest - Himself NBC
OzGirl   Patrick Nicholas Carlton Crank Films
Matchbreaker   Guest Nicholas Carlton Crank FIlms


The Glass Menagerie   Jim O'Conner Wilson Better Renegade Theatre
Boners and Other Stupid Mistakes   Alex Janna King Renegade Theatre
Crazy Love   Blake Alejandro Romero Renegade Theatre


Available upon Request  


Available upon Request  

Music videos

I Killed the Prom Queen   Lead Ryan Chamley Robot Army
Belle Roscoe   Lead Sandra Sciberras


The Price is Right   Himself Adam Sandler CBS
Daytime Emmy Awards   Trophy Presenter
The Late Late Show   Himself James Corden CBS
Ellen Degeneres   Himself Ellen Degeneres NBC
The Talk   Himself Julie Chen CBS


Groundlings Improv: Advanced Level, Margie Haber: Masterclass/ Ongoing w/ Margie, Lesley Kahn: Comedy Intensive. Clinic. Ongoing, Stunts/ Stage combat  

Special Skills



Action (Advanced), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Romantic (Advanced), Sports (Advanced), Suspense (Advanced), War (Advanced), Western (Advanced)


Extreme Sports

BMX (Beginner), CYCLING, GENERAL (Advanced), FLATLAND/FREESTYLE (Beginner), HALF PIPE (Beginner), JUMPS (Intermediate), MTN BIKING (Advanced), RAZOR SCOOTER (Beginner), RECUMBENT (Intermediate), ROAD BIKING (Advanced), SKATEBOARD SLALOM (Beginner), SKATEBOARD STREET (Beginner), SKEET/TRAP SHOOTING (Beginner), SKY DIVING (Intermediate), SNOWBOARDER (Advanced), SPEED SKATING (Beginner), SURFER (Intermediate), TRIALS RIDING (Advanced)


AEROBICS (Beginner), ARCHERY (Beginner), BADMINTON (Intermediate), BALLOONIST (Beginner), BASEBALL (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BATON TWIRLING (Beginner), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Intermediate), BOATING (Intermediate), BODY BUILDING (Beginner), BODY SURFING (Advanced), BOWLING (Intermediate), BOXING (Advanced), CANOEING (Advanced), CRICKET (Intermediate), CROQUET (Beginner), DIVING (Intermediate), DRIVE A BOAT (Intermediate), FENCING (Beginner), FIELD HOCKEY (Intermediate), FISHING (Intermediate), FLY FISHING (Beginner), FOOTBALL (Intermediate), FRISBEE (Intermediate), GOLF (Intermediate), GYMNASTICS (Beginner), HACKEY-SACK (Beginner), HANDBALL (Intermediate), HIKING (Advanced), ICE HOCKEY (Intermediate), ICE SKATE (Intermediate), JET SKIER (Intermediate), JOGGING (Advanced), JUMP ROPE (Advanced), JUMP ROPE DOUBLE DUTCH (Intermediate), KAYAKER (Advanced), KICK BOXING (Advanced), LACROSSE (Beginner), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Advanced), PING PONG (Intermediate), POGO STICK (Beginner), RACQUETBALL (Intermediate), ROCK CLIMBER (Intermediate), ROLLER HOCKEY (Intermediate), ROLLER SKATE (Intermediate), ROLLERBLADE (Intermediate), RUGBY (Intermediate), RUNNING (Advanced), SCUBA DIVER (Beginner), SCULLING (Intermediate), SNORKELER (Advanced), SNOW SKI (Advanced), SNOWMOBILE (Intermediate), SOCCER (Intermediate), SOFTBALL (Intermediate), SQUASH (Advanced), TENNIS (Intermediate), TRAMPOLINE (Intermediate), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate), WATER POLO (Advanced), WATER SKIER (Intermediate), WEIGHT LIFTER (Intermediate), WRESTLING (Intermediate)


BACK STROKE (Intermediate), BREAST STROKE (Advanced), BUTTERFLY (Intermediate), DIVING (Intermediate), FREESTYLE (Advanced), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced), SYNCHRONIZED (Beginner)

Track & Field

BROAD JUMP (Intermediate), DISCUS (Intermediate), HIGH JUMP (Intermediate), HURDLE (Intermediate), JAVELIN (Intermediate), LONG DISTANCE (Advanced), LONG JUMP (Intermediate), MARATHON (Advanced), POLE VAULT (Beginner), RELAY (Intermediate), SHOT PUT (Intermediate), SPRINTER (Intermediate), TRACK, GENERAL (Intermediate), TRIATHLON (Advanced)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Beginner), CROSS BOW (Beginner), HANDGUN (Beginner), LONG BOW (Beginner), RIFLE (Beginner)

Martial Arts

JIU-JITSU (Advanced)

Stage Combat

HAND-TO-HAND (Advanced)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

GROUNDLINGS (Advanced), IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), SKETCH (Advanced)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


AUSTRALIAN (Advanced), BRITISH (Advanced), CANADIAN (Intermediate), FRENCH (Intermediate), GERMAN (Intermediate), IRISH (Advanced), ITALIAN (Intermediate), RUSSIAN (Intermediate), SCOTTISH (Advanced), SOUTH AFRICAN (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Intermediate), SPANISH (Intermediate), SWISS-GERMAN (Intermediate)


Driving Skills

4WD (Advanced), DUNE BUGGY (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE, DIRT BIKE (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Advanced), PRECISION DRIVER (Intermediate), SAILBOAT (Intermediate), SEMI-TRUCK (Intermediate), SPEED BOAT (Intermediate), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Beginner), ENGLISH (Intermediate), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Intermediate), SIDE SADDLE (Beginner)


BOATING (Intermediate), MOTORCYCLE M1 (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M2 (Advanced)


BARTENDER (Advanced), CARPENTRY (Advanced), DISC JOCKEY (Beginner), HOSTING (Intermediate), IMPRESSIONIST (Beginner), MAGICIAN (Beginner), MASSEUSE (Intermediate), PILATES (Intermediate), TELEPROMPTER (Intermediate), VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), WHISTLER (Intermediate), YO-YO (Advanced), YOGA (Advanced)


Circus Skills

JUGGLER (Intermediate)


CLUB/FREESTYLE (Intermediate), WALTZ (Intermediate)


BASS (Intermediate), DRUMS (Intermediate), GUITAR (Advanced), KEYBOARDS (Intermediate), PERCUSSION (Intermediate), PIANO (Intermediate), SYNTHESIZER (Intermediate), TAMBOURINE (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Intermediate), FOLK (Intermediate), POP (Intermediate)