Josh Edward

Option Model and Media - PNW - 503-233-4244 (Commercial, Commercial - Non Union, Print)

Male Caucasian, Ambiguous

Blonde Blue 164lbs 5'11"

M 32" 30" 10.5 38R


will work as a local!, self tapes extremely well!, can fly out immediately!, remodeling contractor by day!, thank you!


Duchess the Xmas Killer   Supporting John-Ryan Griggs
The Competition   Supporting Harvey Lowry The Theory Inc.
Pool of Blood   Supporting Zach Carter Mongrel Studios
Zombie Cats From Mars   Supporting Montetre Mwb3 Problems
The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose   Supporting Johnny Buell Infectious Productions
Triptych   Supporting Brian Moodhe Art Institute Senior Film
#pdxcarpet   Supporting Jeff Janoff PSU Senior Film
The Braking Point   Supporting Brian Brose 48 Hour Film


Grimm   Co-Star David Straiton NBC/Universal
The Wonderland Murders   Co-Star Mark Kohl American Chainsaws Entertainment


Big Pink Harold Improv Team   Curious Comedy Theater
Funhouse Improv Company   Various Andy Barrett Funhouse Lounge
USS Improvise Star Trek Improvised Musical   Various Eric Nepom Funhouse Lounge
Echo Hill Musical Improv Group   Multiple Aden Kirschner Curious Comedy Theater
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane   Multiple Marci Crowson Oregon Children's Theater
Masters of the Musical Universe   Man-At-Arms John-Ryan Griggs A Touch Too Much
Xana-Redu   Bacchus Steve Coker Stageworks Ink
Kevin Mcdonald (Kids in the Hall) Sketch Show   Collins Kevin Mcdonald Brody Theater
A Something Kind of Musical (Improvised Musical)   Various Aden Kirschner/Domeka Parker Brody Theater
Showgirls the Musical   Zack (male lead) John-Ryan Griggs A Touch Too Much
A Belated Little Sketchmas   Various Aspen Farer Brody Theater
Comedy Sportz After Hours   Various (Improv) Starr Ahrens Comedy Sportz
Clue the Improvised Murder Mystery   Various Andy Barrett Funhouse Lounge


Legacy Health   Principal Brent Carpenter Full Tilt Boogie
Pacific Foods   Dad Jesse Rosten Food Chain Films
CBIRT   Principal Ryan Welch AO Films
Port of Portland   Principal Colin O'Floy Sparkloft
Portland Bureau Emergency Training   Principal Tom Frisch Tom11 Films
DiscoverOrg   Robert Leslie & Ryan Harter Harter Creative
Selco Credit Union   Home Buyer Gary Nolton Limbo Films
Oregon Health Authority   Self Chapin Hemmingway Coates Kokes
Make-A-Wish   Traveler Paul Stoos Broadway Bridge Productions
Beaverton Damerow Ford   Husband Patrick Doyle Sq1 Media
ODOT Bicycle Safety   Scruffy Man Gard Communications
InFocus   Businessman Watson Creative
Oregon Lottery   Featured R/West
Southwest Airlines   Dael Oates Rabbit Content
Rick's Custom Fencing   Bryan Thompson Revolver DMS
Image 3d   Greg James Blue Couch Media
Intel   Best Buy Shopper Intel
Beaverton Hyundai Fantasy Football Spot   Man 1 Patrick Doyle Sq1 Media
Bridgewell Resources   Principal The NW Collective
Google   Principal Harry Isrealson Instrument


Selco Credit Union   Home Buyer Gary Nolton Limbo Films
Keen Footwear   Brian Walker Lee
Subaru   Tyler Gourley Zephyr Photo
Chevy   Chris Churchill Mana Media
Holman's Funeral Home   MKJ Marketing
Sonic Herbicide   David Emmite
Pacific Foods   Dad Polara Studios

Music videos

Whim Grace   Seduced guy Zach Carter Mongrel Studios


KBS Real Estate   Businessman Peter Delap Sproutbox Media
OMSI   Father Josh Williams Four Point Media
Not One More   David Benjamin Heather Dominguez Cavern Films
Holman's Funeral Home   Family Member Michael Tweed MKJ Marketing
Animal House   Cat, Dog Rebecca Rodriguez Lucky Head Films
Pizza Schmizza Video   Dancer Bryan Thompson Revolver DMS
OMPA Promotional Videos   Partygoer Gary Ploski


Stock Investment Infomercial   Joe Buchanan (Lead) Bill Berry Berry Media Works


Bill Coelius Commercial Improv Training 101, 102, 103 , Chase Padgett Musical Improv, Ricki Maslar Acting Workshop, Improv- John Breen- , Joe Bill Improv Workshops, Improv Workshop Randy Dixon, Audition Workshop Tim True/Eryn Goodman, Spencer Kramber/Michael Fontaine Audition Workshop, Betse Green Improvisation, Ruth Zaporah-Action Theater Improvisation, Kevin Mcdonald Sketch Workshop, Improv- Starr Ahrens, Audition Workshop- Jana Lee Hamblin, Improv Character Workshop- John Breen, Auditioning- Michael Taylor Fontaine, The Actor Experiment- Jason Satterlund, Acting for the Camera- Robert Blanche, Portland Acting Intensive- Lindsay Frame, Business of Acting Workshop- J.D. Lewis, Film Acting- Shelly Lipkin, Improv- Brody Theater Levels 1-4, Music Improv Workshop- Curious Comedy Theater, Sound Improv Retreat- Domeka Parker, Bob Dassie 3 & 4 Person Scenes Workshop, 5 years of steady improv training & performance, Rebecca Sohn/Jean Villapique Improv Workshop  

Other Special Skills

will work as a local!, self tapes extremely well!, can fly out immediately!, remodeling contractor by day!, thank you! 

Special Skills



Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Intermediate), Drama (Intermediate), Family (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Musical (Advanced)


Extreme Sports

CYCLING, GENERAL (Advanced), MTN BIKING (Beginner), RAZOR SCOOTER (Intermediate), SNOWBOARDER (Beginner)


BADMINTON (Advanced), BASEBALL (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Advanced), BOATING (Intermediate), BODY SURFING (Advanced), BOWLING (Advanced), BOXING (Beginner), CANOEING (Intermediate), CHEER LEADING (Beginner), CRICKET (Beginner), CROQUET (Beginner), DIVING (Beginner), DRIVE A BOAT (Intermediate), FENCING (Beginner), FIELD HOCKEY (Beginner), FIGURE SKATE (Beginner), FISHING (Beginner), FLY FISHING (Beginner), FOOTBALL (Beginner), FRISBEE (Intermediate), GOLF (Beginner), HACKEY-SACK (Intermediate), HIKING (Intermediate), JOGGING (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE (Beginner), JUMP ROPE DOUBLE DUTCH (Beginner), KAYAKER (Beginner), KICK BOXING (Beginner), LACROSSE (Beginner), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Beginner), PILOT A PLANE (Beginner), PING PONG (Beginner), POGO STICK (Beginner), RACQUETBALL (Beginner), RAPPELLING (Beginner), ROCK CLIMBER (Beginner), ROLLER HOCKEY (Beginner), ROLLER SKATE (Beginner), ROLLERBLADE (Beginner), RUGBY (Beginner), RUNNING (Beginner), SCUBA DIVER (Beginner), SCULLING (Beginner), SLACKLINE WALKING (Beginner), SNORKELER (Beginner), SNOW SKI (Intermediate), SNOWMOBILE (Beginner), SOCCER (Beginner), SOFTBALL (Beginner), SPIN CYCLE (Beginner), SQUASH (Beginner), SUPERCROSS (Beginner), TENNIS (Beginner), TIGHTROPE WALKING (Beginner), TRAMPOLINE (Beginner), TRAPEZE (Beginner), VOLLEYBALL (Beginner), WATER POLO (Beginner), WATER SKIER (Beginner), WEIGHT LIFTER (Beginner), WINDSURFER (Beginner), WRESTLING (Beginner)


BACK STROKE (Beginner), BREAST STROKE (Intermediate), DIVING (Intermediate), FREESTYLE (Intermediate), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), LONG FORM (Advanced), SHORT FORM (Advanced), SKETCH (Advanced)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


AUSTRALIAN (Beginner), BRITISH (Intermediate), CANADIAN (Intermediate), IRISH (Intermediate), MEXICAN (Beginner), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Intermediate), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Intermediate), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Intermediate), RUSSIAN (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Advanced)


SPANISH (Beginner)


Driving Skills

4WD (Advanced), ATV (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE, DIRT BIKE (Intermediate), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Advanced), SPEED BOAT (Intermediate), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)


CLASS C (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M1 (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M2 (Advanced)


BARTENDER (Advanced), CARPENTRY (Advanced), CHEF (Advanced), HOSTING (Advanced), IMPRESSIONIST (Intermediate), MASSEUSE (Intermediate), SIGN LANGUAGE (Intermediate), STAND-IN EXPERIENCE (Advanced), TELEPROMPTER (Advanced), VIDEO GAMES (Advanced), WHISTLER (Advanced), YO-YO (Advanced), YOGA (Intermediate)


Circus Skills

JUGGLER (Intermediate), STILT WALKER (Intermediate)


CLUB/FREESTYLE (Intermediate), DISCO (Intermediate), HIP HOP (Intermediate), JAZZ (Intermediate)


DRUMS (Intermediate), GUITAR (Advanced), JAZZ PIANO (Advanced), KAZOO (Advanced), KEYBOARDS (Intermediate), MANDOLIN (Intermediate), ORGAN (Advanced), PERCUSSION (Intermediate), PIANO (Advanced), UKULELE (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Advanced), FOLK (Advanced), JAZZ (Advanced), MUSICAL THEATER (Advanced), POP (Advanced), R&B (Advanced), RAP (Advanced)

Vocal Range

TENOR (Advanced)


Guitars, Ukelele, Mandolin,