Rebecca Lea McCarthy

Female Caucasian

Auburn Brown 134lbs 5'2"

6-8 32" 8 6-8 7.5


Roller Derby Skater


Closing Costs   Lead: Dorothy Chandler Eric Nemoto Yellow Brick Studio, HI
Lisa Patterson   Co-Star: Ellie Patterson Eric Nemoto Yellow Brick Studio, HI
Dogfight   Dogfight Girl & Prostitute with Gum Nancy Savoca Richard Guay & Peter Newman Producers
Before the After   Star: Sammie Eric Nemoto Yellow Brick Studio, HI
Claremont   Institution Lead Extra Ashley McEneny The Claremont
So Close Shig   Featured: Hope Eric Nemoto Yellow Brick Studio, HI
Life In Frames   Supporting: Mother of Bride Cassie Favreau-Chung University of Hawaii, HI
Steve Ballmer Farewell Video   Featured: Ballmer Retirement Ct & book club NA Microsoft


Singing the Diaphragm Blues   One Woman Production Dale Westgaard 4th Wall Theatre/Fringe Festival, HI
Arsenic and Old Lace   Martha Dale Westgaard Lakewood Playhouse
Same Time, Next Year   Doris James Patrick Olympia Little Theatre
The Clouds   Marta Alexis Holzer Ghost Light Theatrical
The Vagina Monologues   Workshop & Make Vaginas Happy Shereen Siddiqui Florida Atlantic University
The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women   Betty Genie Croft The Women's Theatre Project
Harvey   Veta Paul Hill The Spotlight Players
Hercules and Xena Show   Actor Various Universal Studio's Florida
MacBeth   Witch 2 & Porter Justin Ashforth Theatre off Park
Blithe Spirit   Edith Jack Clay Village Theatre
The Prodigal Son   Ms. Hoffman Paul Mitri The Actors' Group, HI
The Full Monty   Jeannette Paul Mitri anoa Valley Theatre
Coyotes   Eva Swaine Kaui The Actors' Group, HI
Mamma Mia   Ensemble/Old Greek Lady Kimee Balmilero and Mark Kanemura Diamond Head Theatre, HI
The America Dream   Mommy Liz Kane The Actors' Group, HI
Superior Donuts   Randi Brian Gibson The Actors' Group, HI
Defiance   Meg PeggyAnne Siegmund The Actors' Group, HI
Resistance!   Quaker Woman Brian Gibson The Actors' Group, HI


WSTC Drunk Driving PSA   Waitress Greg Leslie Greg Leslie
Great Financial Bank - Louisville, KY   Wife Noren Production Co.
Eagle Hardware/Mariner TV   Woman in Store Noren Production Co.


The Improv Thing   Improvisation Actor Hans and Shaun Summers The Underground Theatre Conspiracy
News On the Edge   Improvisation Actor Hans and Shaun Summers The Underground Theatre Conspiracy
CBGB Improv   Improvisation Actor CBGB
On the Spot Improv   Iron Player Garrick Paikai Arts at Marks Garage, HI


Olympia Credit Union- Radio   Queen NA Mixx 96.1
Clearing Clutter   Voice over artist Alexandra Chauran/author Llewellyn Worldwide
Adventures of Kate and Alex Books 1-4   Voice over artist Julia Gousseva-Author Audible


Sexual Harassment Training Video   Harassing female Susan Thomas & Susan Jasdlle Susan Thomas & Susan Jasdlle


BFA in Acting, Cornish College of the Arts, MLA Rollins College - Liberal Studies/Playwriting, PhD Florida Atlantic University - Comparative Study/ Greek Drama, Circle-in-the-Square-Repertory - Acting and Voice, Clowning and Movement - Klauniada, Private Singing - Leischen Moore, Acting Coach: Charity J. Parenzini, Acting Coach: Katherine Billings, Le Coq/Commedia: Diane Schenker, Improvisation: Roberta Mcquire  

Other Special Skills

Roller Derby Skater 

Special Skills


Extreme Sports

CYCLING, GENERAL (Intermediate), SPEED SKATING (Advanced)


AEROBICS (Intermediate), BASEBALL (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Beginner), FENCING (Beginner), JOGGING (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), PING PONG (Intermediate), POGO STICK (Beginner), ROLLER HOCKEY (Intermediate), ROLLER SKATE (Advanced), ROLLERBLADE (Intermediate), RUNNING (Intermediate), SOCCER (Intermediate), SOFTBALL (Intermediate), TENNIS (Beginner), TRAPEZE (Beginner), VOLLEYBALL (Beginner)


FREESTYLE (Beginner), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Track & Field

BROAD JUMP (Beginner), LONG DISTANCE (Intermediate), LONG JUMP (Beginner), RELAY (Beginner), TRACK, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Fighting and Weapons

Martial Arts

KARATE (Intermediate)

Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Intermediate), HAND-TO-HAND (Intermediate), RAPIER (Intermediate), STAFF (Intermediate), SWORDS (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), LONG FORM (Advanced), SECOND CITY (Intermediate), SHORT FORM (Intermediate), SKETCH (Advanced), STAND-UP COMEDY (Beginner)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


COCKNEY (Intermediate), IRISH (Intermediate), NEW YORK / BRONX (Beginner), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Beginner), SOUTHERN (Intermediate)


Driving Skills



BARTENDER (Beginner), CROCHET (Intermediate), KNIT (Intermediate), MASSEUSE (Beginner), PILATES (Beginner), STAND-IN EXPERIENCE (Beginner), YO-YO (Intermediate), YOGA (Beginner)


PRAT FALLS (Intermediate)


Circus Skills

CLOWN (Intermediate), HULA HOOP (Beginner), MIME (Beginner), TRAPEZE (Beginner)


BALLET (Beginner), BALLROOM (Beginner), CLUB/FREESTYLE (Intermediate), DISCO (Intermediate), IRISH DANCE (Beginner), ROBOT (Intermediate), SALSA (Beginner), SWING (Intermediate), TAP (Beginner), WALTZ (Beginner)


GUITAR (Intermediate), MANDOLIN (Beginner), UKULELE (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Beginner), FOLK (Beginner), MUSICAL THEATER (Intermediate), POP (Intermediate)

Vocal Range

ALTO (Intermediate), MEZZO-SOPRANO (Intermediate)