Nancy Chartier

Linda McAlister Talent - TX - 972-938-2433 (Commercial, Theatrical, Print, Voiceover)

Female White

Auburn Green 129lbs 5'6"

6 29" 6 6 7


Smoke Signal   Lead Victoria White Blue Horse Productions
Between Sandwiches   Lead Jon McPhalen Irish Ayes Productions
First We Dance   Lead Cathrine Hatcher Dog & Butterfly Productions
4 Minute Matisse (AFI)   Lead Greg Mansur Random Order Entertainment
The Lightening Man   Co-Star Tom Young ToYo Productions
Custody   Lead Marco Bottiglieri Happy Tree Films
The Bat Mitzvah of Lizzie Stein   Supporting Julie Sagalowski Sagalowski Productions
It's In The Water   Supporting Kelli Herd Herd Productions
Reilly   Lead Greg Mansur Caffeine Films
Date.CON   Lead Greg. Mansur Random Order Entertainment
Adrift   Lead Greg Mansur Caffeine Films
Lost and Found   Lead Marco Bottiglieri Happy Tree Films
Divine Souls-(AFI)   Lead James McDonald L.C.A. Films
Imposter   Principal Dan Millican Serendipitous Films
Stillborn   Supporting Pathlight Entertainment
Mr. Pony graph   Lead Bossie Productions
Carried Away   Principal Tom Huckabee Beautiful Confusion
Absence   Lead Marco Bottiglieri Happy Tree Films
G.L.O.W.   Lead Andrew Allen
Blue Family   Day Player Golden Ceiba Productions
Time to Shine   Supporting Time to Shine Productions
Five Star Diner Club   Lead Cathrine Hatcher Dog & Butterfly Production
The Highland Park TX Hockey League   Lead Anthony Kung Colton Boyd Productions
Puppet and Me   Co-Star Sarah Adams The Monthly Junk
Class Rank   Day Player Eric Stoltz SSS Entertainment
An Emotional Affair   Lead Jim Clayton Outlander 7 Productions
382 Hours of Grace   Lead J. Wesley Bassard Egami Films


Walker Texas Ranger   Guest Star Michael Preece CBS
The Colonel's Family   Co Star Ray Castegnaro Castegnaro Productions
Bail Out   Principal Dennis O'Neil O'Neil Productions
Inheritance   Co-Star Taylor Wright Wright Productions
Yoga Garage 9 episodes   Lead Giovanni Cruz Houghton Productions
Bail Out 2 episodes   Supporting Dennis O'Neil
The Night Everything Changed (Networks/Netflix)   Supporting Golden Ceiba Productions
Longmire episode 501   Day Player David Boyd A&E TV
The SIngle Gourmet (Pilot)   Star Entree Nous Productions
Better Call Saul ep 503   Judge AMC
Scandal Made Me Famous-Ethan Couch   Co-Star Rijaa Nadeem REELZ
Woman of the Year   Star Jerry Hanes Hanes Productions


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way..   Philia GrandPrairie Theater
Same Time, Next Year   Doris Don Shook Granbury Live Theater
Gunfighter-A Gulf War Chronicle Published   Ann Mark Medoff UNT Theater
Lion in Winter   Alais with David Holliday Stage Company of the Palm Beaches
Dirty Work at the Crossroads   Nellie Gaslight Playhouse
A Midsummer Nights' Dream   Hermia Glenn & Joy Evans Rosarian Theater
The Man with the Pointed Shoes   Florence Chitaqua Theater
Ah, Wilderness   Mildred Jose Quintero Stage Company of the Palm Beaches


Woman's Hospital   Principal Fishbowl Productions
United/Market Street   Lead Stewart Cohen
Texas Lottery   Principal V.O.C. Torque Films
Blackmon Mooring   Principal V.O.C. Black Irish Girl Productions
Osage Casinos (4 Spots)   Principal V.O.C. Torque Films
Radio Shack "I am a Ten"   Principal V.O.C. Circle R Productions
Stop and Think- the Wright Ammendment   Principal V.O.C. Wolf Agency
Harrah's Casino   Principal V.O.C. Rockhouse Productions
Walmart/Neutrogena   Principal V.O.C. National Rockhouse Productions
Coca-Cola   Principal V.O.C. International Gartner Productions
T.G.I. Fridays   Principal -National Jon Francis Films
L'il Things   Principal V.O.C. Dynamite Productions
Political Ad & Radio Spot   Principal V.O.C. Reel Effects
Chevrolet   Principal B. & A. Advertising
U.M.C. Hospital   Principal Price Productions
Domestic Violence Awareness   Principal Channel Five Promo
Piccadilly Restaurant   Principal MPS Productions
Texas P.S.A.   Principal Bednarz Films


Steven Anderson 2 week Intensive Workshop