Kristen Egermeier

Daniel Hoff Agency - VO/Celebrity Endorsement - 310-736-5223 (Voiceover)

Female White

Honey Brown Hazel 128lbs 5'3"

2-4 27" 2-4 2-4 7.5


Lip-Sync, Puppeteering-Bunraku, Celiac


Li'l Chit Chat   Supporting Colin Thomas Jennings FinnDude Productions
Face to Face   Lead Michelle Jacobovitz
Favorite Drink   Lead Colin Thomas Jennings FinnDude Productions
Snooze   Supporting Jonah Sargent
PickUp   Supporting Zach Grossman
AFI Workshop Films   Lead Perry Schwartz AFI Workshops
CSUN Theatre Tour   Lead Cal State University, Northridge
True Crime   Lead Blurry Lizard Productions
Judy   Lead Kimberley Rizzo and Katie Brown


Unusual Suspects- 808   Co-Star LMNO Cable Group
Nightmare Next Door-143   Co- Star Sirens Media
Game Show Promo   Co-Star B17 Entertainment
Man With A Van- 101   Co-Star Brad Rushing Woodman Park Productions


The Devil's Disciple   Essie Oliver Muirhead Interact Theatre
The Martyr of Moscow   Elena/Vera Hannah Wolf The Fountain Theatre
Ripcord   Colleen/Woman in White Fred Sanders Interact Theatre Theatre
I'm Not Rappaport   Clara Rob Adler Interact Theatre
The Light Bulb   Sunny Dave Florek Ruskin Theatre
The First (And Last) Meeting Of The Anti Anti-Social Social   Dakota Fred Sanders Yale Cabaret Hollywood
Nice Fish   Flo Rob Brownstein/Anita Khanzadian Interact Theatre
Invitation to Love and Death   Betty Lou/Liz TJ O'Brien Hollywood Fringe Festival
Uncle Vanya   Sonya Barry Heins Interact Theatre
The Cell   Dora/The Widow Fred Sanders Yale Cabaret Hollywood
You Can't Take It With You   Essie Barry Heins Interact Theatre
The Cherry Orchard   Dunyasha Oliver Muirhead Interact Theatre
The Imaginary Invalid   Angelique Mary Chalon Parson's Nose Theatre
Hiroshima Daughter   Susan Fred Sanders Yale Cabaret Hollywood
The Browning Version   Mrs. Glibert Dave Florek Interact Theatre
A Thousand Cranes   Grandmother Matt Ripa Hub Theatre
Merry, Happy...What?   Edna Abbie Isaac Hub Theatre
Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom   Female Lead Kevin Glaccum Azuka Theatre
The Arsonists   Anna Tina Brock Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium
Marriage   Agafya Tina Brock Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium
Our Town   Emily Webb Allen Radway Commonwealth Classic Theater Company
Melancholy Play   Tilly M. Craig Getting Allens Lane Theater
24 Hour Theatre   Actor Sacred Fools
1984   Julia Tobin Atkinson Meat and Potato Theatre
Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont   Gwendolyn Guth Cate Caplin Interact Theatre
Antigone   Antigone Daniel James Clark Interact Theatre
The Nina Project   Nina Henry Ong Interact Theatre
No Exit   Estelle Kent Minault Interact Theatre
Serial Killers- Invitation to Love and Death   Betty Lou TJ O'Brien Sacred Fools Theatre
God, By Another Name   Joanna Blitz Fred Sanders
Le System   Sophie David Purdham Tempus Theatre Group
Rough Crossing   Dvornichek Oliver Muirhead Interact Theatre
Uriel Acosta   Judith Joshua Browns Lantern Theater
Anna K   Kitty Shirley Serotsky Hegira Theatre
Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe   Lucy/White Witch Steven Scott Mazola Adventure Theatre
Host and Guest   Female Understudy Paata Tsikurishvili Synetic Theatre
Mad Breed   Blanche Juanita Rockwell Active Cultures
Rashomon   Medium/Samurai/Puppeteer Tobin Atkinson Meat and Potato Theatre
We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!   Margherita Patrick Torres Hub Theatre
The Stinky Cheese Man   Princess/Puppeteer Steven Scott Mazola Adventure Theatre


Super Bowl Spot   Principle Marc Forester Tool of North America
  Principle Jaymin Patel RTPO
  Principle Larry Thorne Productions
  Principle Ray Lorray Lorray Design Studios
  Principle William Campbell and Chace Hartman Gentleman Scholar
  Principle Adriano Falconi Brodervill Pictures
Conflicts Upon Request  


  Principle Pretty Damn Sweet, Inc.
Conflicts Upon Request
  Principle Casanova Pendrill
Campaign   Principle Barrett SF
  Principle Snapchat
  Principle Good Knight Pictures
  Principle Epic Research
  Principle Pretty Damn Sweet, Inc.
  Principle Adventure Theatre
  Principle Haymaker
  Principle The Lola Agency
  Voice of God Station 22
Award Show   Principle Haymaker


Just Another Birthday in Bedlam   Lead Barry Heins Together LA: A Virtual Stage Festival
The Interpreter   Lead Evite Originals
Into Vitality   Supporting Eric Krueger Duir Productions
My Ruined Life Seasons 2-3   Supporting Lee Porter Retro Peel


Synetic Theater, Washington, DC, Annie Grindlay Advanced Intensive and Ongoing, Kalmenson & Kalmenson Animation, Kalmenson & Kalmenson Voice Over for Actors , Private Killian Session , Killian's Commercial Workshop , B.A. Theater Arts- California State University, Northridge, Shakespeare and Company, Lenox, MA, Shakespeare Theater, Washington, DC, The VoiceOver Connection- ADR with Bryan Parker, Other Training Upon Request, Character Casting Intensive- Ned Lott, Commercial:, Commercial Classes by Laurie Records, Voice Over, Acting, The Halp Network- The Tech of Acting for Video Games Jessica Kent, Tina Morasco- Commercial  

Other Special Skills

Lip-Sync, Puppeteering-Bunraku, Celiac 

Special Skills



Action (Advanced), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Lee Strasberg (Advanced), Method (Advanced), Romantic (Advanced), Sanford Meisner (Advanced), Science Fiction (Advanced), Sports (Advanced), Stanislavsky (Advanced), Stella Adler (Advanced), Suspense (Advanced), Uta Hagen (Advanced), War (Advanced), Western (Advanced)


Extreme Sports



AEROBICS (Advanced), BOATING (Intermediate), BODY SURFING (Beginner), BOXING (Intermediate), DRIVE A BOAT (Intermediate), FISHING (Advanced), FLY FISHING (Beginner), HIKING (Advanced), JOGGING (Advanced), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), KAYAKER (Beginner), KICK BOXING (Intermediate), RAPPELLING (Beginner), ROCK CLIMBER (Intermediate), RUNNING (Advanced), SNORKELER (Intermediate), SPIN CYCLE (Intermediate), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate), WEIGHT LIFTER (Advanced)


BACK STROKE (Advanced), BREAST STROKE (Advanced), FREESTYLE (Advanced), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced)

Track & Field

LONG DISTANCE (Advanced), MARATHON (Advanced), TRIATHLON (Advanced)

Fighting and Weapons

Stage Combat

HAND-TO-HAND (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


BRITISH (Intermediate), IRISH (Beginner), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Advanced), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Intermediate)


Driving Skills

SPEED BOAT (Intermediate)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Intermediate), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Advanced), WESTERN (Advanced)


CLASS C (Advanced)


CARPENTRY (Intermediate), CHEF (Beginner), KNIT (Beginner), PUPPETRY (Beginner), TELEPROMPTER (Beginner), YOGA (Advanced)


Vocal Range

ALTO (Intermediate)


Dog -Lab/Pointer 
Subaru Forester 
Dog- Chihuahua 
Live with Real Life Male Partner 
Vaccinated 4/20/21