Julie Goldstein

Levin Agency - 323.653.7073 (Commercial, Theatrical, Print) , and BBA - Commercial - 818.506.8188 (Voiceover)

Female Caucasian

Brown Hazel 170lbs 6'1"

10-12 n/a 10-12 10 12


, Fluent in Spanish, Dialects, Certified Scuba Diver, Very Athletic (Soccer, Basketball, Tennis)


Billie Speare   Miss Alice (Lead) Jodi Harrison Tramline Productions
He Who Finds a Wife 2   Thomasina (Lead) Danielle Ross Southern Peach Entertainment


Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories   Marcie Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim Abso Lutely Productions


Malice In Wonderland   Catta / Jaqui Jesse Kennedy The Tres Stage Theater
Seven Deadly Sins   Vanity / Gluttony Chris Berube The Next Stage Theater
The Vagina Monologues   They Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy Ally Zonsius Barnsdall Gallery Theater
The Vampire Masquerade   The Witch Chris Berube The Next Stage Theater
The Bacchae   Autonoe Ethel Pitts Walker SJSU University Theater
Az U Like It   Duke Frederick Michael Butler SJSU University Theater
Hamlet   Ensemble Buddy Butler SJSU University Theater
The Vagina Monologues   Calpernia Addams Julie Rei Goldstein Morris Dailey Auditorium
The Interview   The Attendant John Romano & Leslie Barton


List upon request.  


Planetside 2   The Wild Card Eric Weiss Sony Online Entertainment
Ar Tonelico Qoga   Mute Tony Oliver NIS America
Magna Carta 2   Additional Voices Tony Oliver Namco Bandai Games
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom   Bird / Mice Kristi Reed Namco Bandai Games
Eureka Seven   Additional Voices Tony Oliver Bandai Entertainment
Paradise Kiss   Risa Nagase Stephanie Sheh Geneon Entertainment
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha   Precia Testarossa Tony Oliver WPG, Ltd.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's   Precia Testarossa Tony Oliver WPG, Ltd.
Tweeny Witches   Biris Tony Oliver Media Blasters
Ketchup   Manager / Tomato Plant Wenchung Lu Word Fisher Studios
Adventures of Charlie Black   Charlie's Mom Xavier Paul
Mexicali Medical Tourism   English Narrator Mark Paul Rosenblum


TrishPattyPat   Kitty (Lead) Troy DeVolld
Gift Of A Letter   Lily Alder Spencer Longmore GrindWorks Pictures
Cammi   The Ghost Patrick Henry FuelTheFear


B.A. - Theatre Arts concentration in Performance - May 2006 - San Jose State University , Barbara Harris – ADR / Loop Group Training, Gordon Hunt and Amy Hennig – Motion Capture, Bob Bergen - Animation Voiceover, Melanie Chartoff - Improvisational Acting, Lauren Adams - Commercial Voiceover, Crispin Freeman – Acting Coaching, Dino Andrade - Animation Character Work, Amy Glazer – Acting for Film, Lynn Soufer - Classical Stage and Film, Ethel Pitts Walker – Script Analysis & Performance History  

Other Special Skills

Fluent in Spanish, Dialects, Certified Scuba Diver, Very Athletic (Soccer, Basketball, Tennis) 

Special Skills