Burt Culver

Minc Talent - 323-320-4116 (Commercial, Commercial - Non Union, Theatrical, Print) , and Unrepresented - (Voiceover)

Male White

Brown Blue 165lbs 5'9"

SM 31" 30" 12 38R


Australian Work Permit, Swimming, Left & right side driving of manual and automatic cars, Sailing, Motor Cycle License


Dirty Hollywood   Supporting Mae Victoria
Alternate Endings   Lead Guy Pilla
Super   Supporting Michael Ochoa
Touch of Darkness   Lead Isaac Needleman
Box 202   Supporting Brett Walker
Rainbow Apparatus   Lead Jasmine Powell
The Last Art   Lead Fabio Mogavero
Hills Like White Elephants   Lead Jordan Ledy
Night Terror   Lead Azrael Daniels
The Exchange   Lead Garrett Rickenbach
The Body Bag   Lead Dean Whitney
House Check   Lead Arturo Vargas
Modern Love   Lead Amir Motaman
Mermaid Down   Lead Jeffrey Grellman
Make Believe   Supporting Sarah Waldron
A Ticket To A New Life   Lead Yury Arakelov
The Visitor   Lead Tyler Gunderson
Monster of Lust Lagoon   Lead Jasmine Webb
The Wrong Guys for the Job   Supporting Matthew Tibbenham & Sutton McKee
Insurgent   Supporting Tiffany Ariany
Finding Jose Jandreau   Supporting David Fray
Ugly Shoes   Supporting John Luksetich
Blue Skies In Grey Days   Lead DeWayne Williams Jr. & Daniel Clark
ForPlay   Lead Burt Culver
Sunken City   Supporting Ryan McLaughlin
The Elephant Clan   Supporting Benjamin Henriksen
Love Thy Neighbour, Love Thyself   Supporting Blair Soper
To Survive   Lead Stephen Folker
Bastard   Supporting Patrick Young & Powell Robinson
Abductee   Supporting William Hopp
Red Acquisition   Supporting Matt Zaleski
---- Feature Films ----  
Repercussions   Lead Clare O'Flynn
Fear Itself   Supporting Aaron Mirtes
The Twins   Supporting Vicente & Fernando Cordero
Toxic Tutu   Supporting Joe Nardelli
Starry Eyes   Supporting Kevin Kolsch & Dennis Widmyer
The Dinner Guest   Lead Joseph Dean Martinez & James Neff
The Bride   Lead Marcello Daciano
Ghostline   Lead Dean Whitney
Travel Well, Kamikaze   Supporting Fabio Roberto & Damiano D'Innocenzo
The Paper Boat   Lead Los Angeles Barea
Rise of Darkness   Lead Paul Romo
Double Take   Lead Taylor Gates
Embodiment   Lead Curtis Gomez
Journalist   Lead Amanda Zhang
The Tourist   Supporting Danielle Viale
Molly   Supporting Greg Karpinski
Badge of Darkness   Supporting Richard Zapp
Swing N Shine   Lead William Hix
Detained in the Desert   Supporting Josefina Lopez
Blue Ridge Mountains   Lead Spencer Ford
Only the Ruthless Survive   Lead Philip Narvaez
As They Continue to Fall   Supporting Nikhil Bhagat
Fit | Rich | Successful   Lead Gary Lauten & Sean Meehan
Monsters of the Night   Lead Ruben Navarro
---- Short Films ----  


Hurricane 360 - Katrina   Co-Star Samuel K Dolan, Weather Channel
Mysteries at the Museum   Guest Star Nick Zeig-Owens, Travel Channel
Cry Wolfe, S02E06   Co-Star Jeff Daniels, Discovery
Killer Kids, S03E21   Co-Star Ralph Greco, Lifetime
Supreme Justice - A Dirty Friend & Lover   Co-Star Mike Dell'Amico, Ent. Studios
Criminal Minds - Blood Relations   Co-Star Matthew Gray Gubler, CBS
Salem - Promo   Co-Star WGN
Offside   Co-Star AFTRS
The Phone   Co-Star Chris Berry, Fox8
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers   Co-Star Nigel Latta, NZ TV One
Dr Phil, Psychic Investigations, S10E79   Co-Star OWN
Dark Secrets - Before I Wake - S01E02   Guest Star David Tarleton, 3net
How Human Are You? - Mating Rituals   Co-Star NatGeo Wild
Tales of the Frontier - Debt Collector   Co-Star Tino Luciano, Law Dog Productions
Unusual Suspects - Driven to Murder - S5E5   Co-Star Robert M Wise, Discovery
Tattoo Nightmares - Ink Disasters - S2E17   Co-Star Lucas Kenna Mertes, Spike TV


Red Cross PSA   Lead P. Pacheco & J. Karroum
Football Craps   Supporting Michael Brennan
Doritos - Remembering Dad   Lead Albert Priest
Farmers Insurance   Lead Jayme Laforest


Underdogs, the Movie   Supporting Doug Dearth
Emerald Dreams   Supporting Leo Andronov

Music videos

Brandi Carlile - That Wasn’t Me   Supporting Cameron Duddy
Auto Body - Can't Forget You   Supporting Damian Horan
The Dark - Teenage Angst   Lead Vicente & Fernando Cordero
Hatebreed - Honor Never Dies   Supporting Blake Behnam & Nic Hill
Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King   Supporting Syndrome
Kill Devil Hill - Leave It All Behind   Supporting Vicente & Fernando Cordero


Struggling Vampires   Supporting Kristian Van Der Heyden


VA Family Consultation II   Husband of Veteran Noosha Niv
VA Family Consultation I   PTSD Veteran Noosha Niv


Killian McHugh - Killian’s Commercial Workshop - Los Angeles, USA, Lesly Kahn - Comedy Intensive; Clinic - Los Angeles, USA, Johnny Meeks - UCB: Improv 101 & 201 - Los Angeles, USA, Terri De'Ath - Terri's Acting Techniques I & II - Auckland, NZ, Nicolas Bishop - NIDA: The Screen Actor - Sydney, AU, Dorothy Charles, Christine Price - Gestalt Awareness Training - Big Sur, CA, Sara Padilla - Alexander Technique Study - Seattle, WA  

Other Special Skills

Australian Work Permit, Swimming, Left & right side driving of manual and automatic cars, Sailing, Motor Cycle License 

Special Skills


Extreme Sports

CYCLING, GENERAL (Beginner), SURFER (Beginner)


ARCHERY (Beginner), BASEBALL (Beginner), BOATING (Beginner), BODY SURFING (Intermediate), DRIVE A BOAT (Intermediate), HIKING (Intermediate), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Beginner), ROCK CLIMBER (Beginner)


FREESTYLE (Intermediate), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Advanced), HANDGUN (Advanced), RIFLE (Advanced)

Martial Arts Weapons

SWORDS (Beginner)

Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Beginner), HAND-TO-HAND (Intermediate), SWORDS (Beginner)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate), LONG FORM (Intermediate), UCB (Intermediate)


Driving Skills

4WD (Intermediate), ATV (Beginner), DUNE BUGGY (Beginner), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Beginner), SAILBOAT (Intermediate), SPEED BOAT (Intermediate), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)

Horse Riding



MOTORCYCLE M1 (Beginner)


VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), YOGA (Beginner)



GUITAR (Beginner)


2013 Chevy Volt