Gus Krohnfeldt

Samaritan Casting - Twin Cities - 612-787-2278

Male Caucasian

Blonde Blue 100lbs 5'

L 27" 27" 6


, beginning German and Judo student


The Clubhouse   Pirate Dan Delano Outer Rim - 48 Hour
Jive Tales   Timmy Dan Delano Outer Rim - 48 Hour
Left Behind   Daniel Jamison Copeland MSB Senior Thesis
Windage   Boy in Minefield Dan Delano Outer Rim - Zfest
Shaken   Evan Julian Williams MCAD Student Film
Treasure Tripped   Pirate Boy Josette Elieff NWC Student Film
Dead of Winter   Bobby Stevens Dan Delano Outer Rim - Z-fest
Huntin' Bigfoot   Restaurant Patron Thom Pearson Big Picture Films
What Can Be Seen with the Naked Eye   Artie Paul Coleman IFP Fresh Filmmaker
The Art of Human Salvage   Dominik Ted Dewberry Teaser
Escape! (Go!)   Young Child Dawn Schot Klotzbach & Sarah Horning U of M Student Film
Maisha   Playground Extra Robert McDermott MCTC Student Film
My Only Son   Cop James Vogel Short/Z-fest
Dryad   Lost Boy Katina Petsoulis MCAD Student Film
God's Green Earth   Utopian Village Child Scott Seeger Independent Feature
My Lucky Charm   Boy #1 Nate Ramanathan Independent Short
We Turned the Page   Library Patron Lee Jordan Quiet on the Set Film Fest
Jerry Schwingle and the Happiness Well   Boy with Ball Sarah Jean Kruchowski IFP Fresh Filmmaker Grant
It Goes On   Young Miles (IMDB) Kjell Kvanbeck Short
Statue of David (Profile of a Killer)   Airport child Caspian Tredwell-Owen Feature/Coeur de Lion, Inc.


Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader   Bonus Question Reader (11-8-10) Linda Nguyen Hart CW 23 Twin Cities
The Krohnies   Singer Julie K. Jingle Bells Telethon
In an Instant - Moore Tornado   Child in bathroom Ben Kruger Committee Films


Waiting for Godot   Boy Bain Boehlke Junle Theater
Narnia, The Musical   Mouse/Zombie Young Artists Initiative
Hansel & Gretel   Gingerbread Boy Tom Stolz Old Log Theatre
Honk!   Duckling Kahlil Queen Hillcrest Theatre


Child and Family Advocacy Center PSA   Bowling party child Greg Winter Mayo Clinic
Holiday Digital Insert Spot   Bratty Kid Wrye Martin Best Buy
Recycling Product   Young Boy Gage Marketing 3M
Nintendo Wii   Shopper Ben Krueger Best Buy
"Make Your Mark"   Wedding Guest Judd/Annie Einan Crash the SuperBowl
Target Block Wraps   Hunting Kid Kim Duals Mahoney Media Grop


Game Boy   Character/model Anna Esvelage Personal Portfolio


Tanks for Thanks   Soccer kid Colle+McVoy Cenex

Music videos

The Good Old days   Artist (as child) Daniel Mall Good Knight
Stereo   Dancing Party Boy Maria Juranic I Got You on Tape
"We"   Featured child Ryan Melling Troy Bell
BumbleBee Yourself   School child Matt Dodge & The Lobsters
Violet   Snowball fighter Daniel Cummings Jeremy Messersmith


The Krohnies   Himself Julie K. Facebook!/pages/The-Krohnies/170568582972786


fencing, judo  

Other Special Skills

beginning German and Judo student 

Special Skills


light saber, nerf guns, video games, phone 
judo uniform (gi) 
scooter, bike, helmet, ice skates, rollerblades 
lots of legos :-) 
fencing equipment, homemade swords