Eva Krohnfeldt

Samaritan Casting - Twin Cities - 612-787-2278

Female Caucasian

Brown Blue 130lbs 5'9"

2-4 n/a 2-4 0-2 9.5


, Sings well, Very flexible , German, Spanish, Piano, Ice skating, Tennis


Who Killed Lisa Jacobs   Allie Timothy Wentz Zfest
El Campana   Maria David Grams 48-Hour
One Ticket Please   Hannah Eric Chan MNSB
Ninja Barn   Eva David Grams 48 Hour
Villains   Girl 1 Jesse Dvorak MCTC
Attic   Stephanie Krista Koester NWC
Assasins Avenue   Girl at Center Alaina Lewis Feature (feature pending)
Moment   Tara Tom Peterson Divinity Films (feature pending)
The Puzzle   Chelsea Anna Marie Carey Lumpkinheimer Productions
Ultimate Redemption   Lori (16) Sampson Rolen Aequitas Entertainment (post)
Parallels   Young Natalie Daniel Cummings Independent Short
God's Green Earth   Utopian Villager Scott Seeger Indie Feature
We Turned the Page   Library Patron Lee Jordan Quiet on the Set Film Fest
Statue of David   Airport family Caspian Tredwell-Owen Coeur De Lion, Inc


The Krohnies   Singer, dancer Julie K. Jingle Bells Telethon


Macbeth   Banquo Ryan Underbakke SPCPA
Fiddler on the Roof   Ensemble Genevieve Bennett SPCPA
Uses of Enchantment   Molly Cory Hinkel SPCPA
Pirates of Penzance   Chorus Girl Gary Briggle SPCPA
CT Yankee in King Arthur's Court   Lady Dinaden Jan Arford Lakeshore Players
Hello, Dolly!   Waiter Kahlil Queen Hillcrest Theatre
Hansel & Gretel   Trudi Tom Stolz Old Log Theatre
Honk!   Fluff/Froglet Kahlil Queen Hillcrest Theatre
Sleeping Beauty   Flower Fairy Susan Hovey Ballet Jubliate
Nutcracker   Party Girl/Soldier Karla Sweeney St. Croix Ballet
Cinderella   Fairy Attendant Susan Hovey Ballet Jubilate
Melodrama at Mayfair Meadow   Mille Cheryll White 4-H One-Act Play Fest
Nutcracker   Mouse Karla Sweeney St. Croix Ballet
Stuart Little   Snowbell/School Superintendant Ciara Stockeland Third Street Acting Co/AAAA Theatre
Alice in Wonderland   "Baby's Breath" Student Interns Prairie Fire Theatre


Lifestyle Campaign   Daughter John Gorman Runnings
Truck   Teen Victim Jodi Nelson, Blue Morpho Breaking Free
Scream Collector (Boy Band)   Screaming Groupie Nickelodeon Universe
School Bus   Student Blue60 ClearWay MN
HP Touchsmart All-inOne   Daughter Best Buy
August Home Theater/Samsung   Daughter Wrye Martin Best Buy
Scream Collector   Rollercoaster Extra Mike Nelesen, Drive Thru Productions Nickelodeon Universe
Nintendo Wii   Shopper Ben Krueger Best Buy
Make Your Mark   Wedding Guest Judd/Annie Einen Crash the SuperBowl


Tennis   Student Player Gopher Sport Catalog
"Fixation: Frank"   Teen/Young adult Jules Anna Eveslage MN State Arts Board Grant project

Music videos

Violet   Bully Daniel Cummings Jeremy Messersmith


St Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists,, Theater Track, Michelle Hutchison On-Camera Acting Class, Saint Croix Ballet: Cheri Bell/Karla Sweeny  

Other Special Skills

Sings well, Very flexible , German, Spanish, Piano, Ice skating, Tennis 

Special Skills


Ice skates