Bj Lange

Jana Luker - 773-710-2224 (Commercial, Theatrical) , and Omnium Entertainment Group - CLOSED - 323-462-0444 (Commercial - Non Union, Print, Voiceover, Dance, Sports, Manager, Extras) Commercial Talent - 818-505-1431 (Hosting) ,

Male White

Brown Blue 255lbs 6'2"

L 38" 34" 13 48R


Pilot, Beat-Box, Improv, Stick-Shift, Medic, Nurse


Startide Rising   Tom Orley – Star Hari K Old Monk Productions, LLC
Aventura!   Dr. Montgomery Phillips/Bounty Hunter Annaleise Franklin Aventura, LLC
Sub Zero   Doctor
Social Fitness   Andy Right Anna Pakman Annatated Productions
Back To Brooklyn   Antony Bridgette Yaxley
There You Are   Police Officer Lauri Deason Fool's Errand Ent.
Startide Rising   Tom Orley Hari K Old Monk Productions, LLC
Stranger Amoung Us   Leo (The Banker) John Eberle
Heroine Legends   Wilson Logan Cross Cross The Line Films
Rapture Camp   Dr. Wayne Babcock Lauri Deason Fools Errand Ent
Cold:Choices   Sgt. Wilson - Supporting Nick Jones Jr, USMC
Legends of Beer Pong   Sportscaster - Guest Star James Finneas Beer Pong Films
The Killjoys   Hiker Christopher Davis
Lizzy's Plan   Marlene Josh Lang Mechanical Dragons


Operation Othello   Officer Dogberry Jeff Liu JuVee Productions
Death of A Combat Veteran   Priest Drew Anthony
Successful Exorcism (Sketch)   Fr. Peters Drew Anthony
General Hospital   Paramedic #1 Phideaux Xavier ABC
World Series of Video Games   Host CBS Sports/CSTV/Games Media
Jimmy Kimmel Live!   Alien - Guest Star Joe DeMmaio ABC/12:05 AM Productions
The Prank Panel   Medic Alex Van Wagner itv/ABC


The King & I   Sir Edward Ramsey Matt Phillips Riverview Gardens Theatre Co.
Murder, I Do   John Thomas - Supporting Missouri Smith Murder Mystery Players, D&B
Little Shop of Horrors   Seymour Krelborn - Lead Matt Phillips Riverview Gardens Theatre Co.


Miller High Life: Surprise!   Beer Delivery Guy Hello!
Brownells: Warehouse Walk Thru   Duke Taylor, BAMF Jeff Smith We Are The Mighty
Shop N’ Save: Undercover   Shopper Olson + Company
UPN: Old School Comedy Classics   Home Shopping Anchor Roberts Broadcasting
Schnuck’s: Holiday ’07   Dinner Party Guest SDM Productions
Grolsch Beer: Mafia   Eddie Vane Ron Barlow Momentum
Casino Queen: Baseball Theory   Baseball Player Peter Carlos Midwest Productions Group
Southwest Bank: Dancer   Dancing Guy Ron Barlow Barlow Productions


Brownells Retro History Lesson   Duke Taylor, BAMF Jeff Smith We Are The Mighty
Workshop: Get Me The Chronic   Austin Andre Welsh Hulu
Social Media Correspondent Reel at Warrior Games 2019   Social Media Correspondent USAF DoD
Heroine Legends - Webseries   Winston Logan Cross Cross The Line Films
Sketch: St. Patty's Day Speed Dating   Dater Brian Merritt
Spooftroupe: Cop Sketch   Ofc. Warren Millson Charles Dewandler
What If Miley Cyrus Was Real?   Director Brian Merritt
Is The Devil Inside This Abandoned Hospital   Joe Gallo Paramount


Korn Ferry: Sexual Harassment   Mr. Innapropriate Thom Steinhoff
Closer to Free   HS & College Graduate Adam Reel Impact
VMware: Sales Logic   Ted Logan Mark Hardy The Improv Trick


Oops! What If... (Broken Condoms)   Host Phoebe Wong
Just Dance 3 PCB Katrina   Host Activision
CES MaxAudio   Host Thaddeus
Spring Break PCB - brite   Host Brite
Vonazon Exhibitor Jeopardy Gameshow   Host Kevin Vonazon
AOPA Live: Camarillo Top 5   Host Paul Harrop AOPA
AOPA Live: Waypoint Cafe   Host Paul Harrop AOPA
2021 Veterans Nat'l Ent. Workshop: Battleship Iowa   Host Dennis Passaggio
USAA NFL Salute To Service   Host August Dannehl We Are The Mighty
2021 Tower Cancer Virtual Gala   Host Jared Hillman
Maxim: Spring Break 2013   Host MAXIM
AOPA Live Chino 2014   Host Paul Harrop AOPA Live
EA's Meet your Makers   Host GMR Live
Spring Break - Panama City Beach, FL   Host Various Various
Spooftroupe Cast Interviews: Daniella Steele   Host Charles Dewandeler
Spring Break Audrina Patridge MAXIM   Host MAXIM


-GRADUATE: The Conservatory, Second City Hollywood, - Alumni, iO West (Formerly Improv Olympic West), Acting I & II Actor Training St. Louis Community College, Scene Study; COCA St. Louis (Marlon Hoffman), Alumni: Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre  

Other Special Skills

Pilot, Beat-Box, Improv, Stick-Shift, Medic, Nurse 

Special Skills



Action (Intermediate), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Intermediate), Drama (Intermediate), Family (Intermediate), Horror (Intermediate), Improv (Advanced), Lee Strasberg (Intermediate), Method (Intermediate), Musical (Beginner), Romantic (Intermediate), Sanford Meisner (Beginner), Science Fiction (Intermediate), Stanislavsky (Beginner), Stella Adler (Intermediate), Suspense (Intermediate), Uta Hagen (Beginner), War (Intermediate), Western (Intermediate)


Extreme Sports

BMX (Beginner), CYCLING, GENERAL (Beginner), FLATLAND/FREESTYLE (Beginner), JUMPS (Beginner), MTN BIKING (Beginner), RAZOR SCOOTER (Beginner), RECUMBENT (Intermediate), ROAD BIKING (Beginner), TRIALS RIDING (Beginner)


AEROBICS (Beginner), ARCHERY (Intermediate), BADMINTON (Beginner), BASEBALL (Beginner), BASKETBALL (Beginner), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Beginner), BOATING (Intermediate), BOWLING (Intermediate), CANOEING (Beginner), DIVING (Beginner), DRIVE A BOAT (Intermediate), FISHING (Beginner), FOOTBALL (Beginner), FRISBEE (Beginner), GOLF (Intermediate), HACKEY-SACK (Beginner), HIKING (Beginner), ICE SKATE (Intermediate), JET SKIER (Beginner), JOGGING (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE (Beginner), JUMP ROPE DOUBLE DUTCH (Beginner), KAYAKER (Beginner), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Beginner), PILOT A PLANE (Advanced), RACQUETBALL (Beginner), ROLLER HOCKEY (Beginner), RUNNING (Intermediate), SOCCER (Beginner), SOFTBALL (Beginner), TENNIS (Beginner), TRAMPOLINE (Beginner), VOLLEYBALL (Beginner)


FREESTYLE (Intermediate), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced)

Track & Field

DISCUS (Intermediate), SHOT PUT (Intermediate), SPRINTER (Beginner), TRACK, GENERAL (Beginner)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Intermediate), HANDGUN (Intermediate), LONG BOW (Intermediate), RIFLE (Intermediate)

Martial Arts

TAE KWON DO (Beginner)

Stage Combat

HAND-TO-HAND (Beginner)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

GROUNDLINGS (Advanced), IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), LONG FORM (Advanced), SECOND CITY (Advanced), SHORT FORM (Advanced), SKETCH (Advanced), STAND-UP COMEDY (Intermediate), UCB (Advanced), VIOLA SPOLIN (Advanced)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


BRITISH (Beginner), CAJUN (Intermediate), GERMAN (Beginner), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Beginner), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Beginner), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Beginner), RUSSIAN (Beginner), SOUTHERN (Beginner)


Driving Skills

4WD (Intermediate), AIRPLANE (Advanced), ATV (Intermediate), DUNE BUGGY (Beginner), MOTORCYCLE, DIRT BIKE (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Advanced), PRECISION DRIVER (Advanced), STICK SHIFT (Intermediate)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Intermediate), ENGLISH (Beginner), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Advanced), WESTERN (Intermediate)


CLASS C (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M1 (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M2 (Advanced), OPERATOR (Advanced), PILOT (Advanced)


BARTENDER (Advanced), CARPENTRY (Intermediate), CHEF (Beginner), DISC JOCKEY (Advanced), EAR PROMPTER (Intermediate), HOSTING (Advanced), STAND-IN EXPERIENCE (Advanced), TELEPROMPTER (Intermediate), VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), WHISTLER (Advanced)





BALLROOM (Beginner), HIP HOP (Beginner), MODERN (Beginner), ROBOT (Beginner), SWING (Intermediate)


PERCUSSION (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Beginner), MUSICAL THEATER (Beginner)


USAF Uniforms (Flight Suit, Service Dress, BDUs)