Peter Xifo

Osbrink - Models and Talent - 818.760.2488 (Commercial, Print) , and ATB Talent Agency - LA - 323-761-0282 (Theatrical, Commercial - Non Union)

Male White

Salt and Pepper Brown 185lbs 5'7"

XL 35" 30" 9.5 46R


ADR Dubbing, ADR Re-voicing, VO & UN ADR Dubbing, Mo-Cap, Earwig, Mac Computer literate


Eyes of The Beholder (V.R.)   Dr. Emsworth Michael Overton Chapman University
Magi   Melkior Robin Bjerke BVG Films
Hot Air   Prof. Joseph Henry Urvashi Pathania
Christmas on Repeat   Santa Lindsay Hartley Dawn's Light Movies
God & Salsa   Dr. Thomas Jess Thomas God & Salsa I
Miniature   The Janitor Samuel Gonzalez Jr. 1 eye open productions
Secret Agent Dingledorf   Museum Curator Billy Dickson Winter Star Productions
The Architect   The Man Drew Nelson USC
Hickok   Sam Needham Timothy Woodward Jr. Status Media Entertainment
The Gate of Oaks   Gabriel Bert Thomas LAFS
Final Frequency   Vic the Vet Tim Lowry 8168 Productions, LLC
Tolkien’s Road   The Wizard Nye Green Too Big to Be a Hobbit Productions
The Ballad of Cowgirl Cassidy   Fat Face Joe Adam Everist USC
As Long As You Both Shall Live   Peter Peter Macaluso Macarony Productions
CivilWarLand in Bad Decline   Mr. Asuga Paul Gleason USC


Titanic: Sinking The Myths - Docudrama   Capt. Edward J. Smith, RNR Ryan Katzenbach Reelz Channel
Jimmy Kimmel Live!   Principal ABC Studios
Tosh.0   Principal Nick Malis Comedy Central
The Mona Lisa Myth (On Camera and VO)   Elder Leonardo da Vinci Jean-Pierre Isbouts Pantheon Studios
Lucifer   Santa Claudia Yarmy Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Side Quest (reoccurring)   Wizard Rob Nelson
To Tell The Truth   Imposter Ivan Dudynsky ABC TV
This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy   Ship Captain Lee Farber Amazon Prime
Syrup King (Adult Swim promo)   The Syrup King Paul Cummings Human Element Productions, Inc
The Ellen DeGeneres Show   Senior Hipster Liz Patrick Time Telepictures Television
The Mentalist   Guest Star John Showalter Warner Bros. TV Production
General Hospital   Supporting Larry Carpenter Disney-ABC


The Fantastics   Henry Burt Peachy LAHC
Celebration   Major Domo Burt Peachy LAHC
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof   Gooper Burt Peachy LAHC
Canterbury Tales   Chaucer Burt Peachy LAHC


Christmas Commercials   Multiple Regional Commercials as a Principle. Commercials conflicts upon request
Multiple National Commercials as a Principle.   Multiple National Commercials as a Principle. Commercials conflicts upon request


Kissimmee, FL - A Vacation To Remember.   Jayden ZMBZ


Invisible City (Netflix)   Ciço (English lip sync dubbing) Hermes Baroli Netflix
Multiple National Commercials as a Principle.   Multiple Regional Commercials as a Principle. Commercial conflicts upon request.
Boris 4 (Disney+)   René Ferretti (English lip sync dubbing) Luca Massimo Disney+
Earthquake (Amazon)   Arem (English lip sync dubbing) Monique Carmona National Cinema Centre of Armenia
Santa Evita (Disney+ Hulu)   Correa (English lip sync dubbing) Alma Beatriz Willheleme Disney+
The Mystery of Sleep (Documentary)   Narrator Mel Stuart Mel Stuart Productions
"New York", the Novel (Trailer)   Announcer Jason Eberly Edward Rutherfurd
The Unexplored (Documentary)   Narrator Ivo Kalushev The Cleardeep Foundation
Cereal Killer (Animation)   Commissioner Crunch Wes Fuh Cal Arts
Life In Four Seasons   Grand Pa Stefan Apostolov
A Certain Kind of Man (ADR re-voicing)   The Mysterious Man Michael Overton Chapman University
Fantasy General - Trailer   Narrator Dan Bewick DBB Music Ltd.
Journey To Royal   Narrator Christopher Johnson Misty Falls Motion Pictuer Co.
Battlestar Galactica (Video Game)   Sinon Quade- (Reoccurring) Dan Bewick DBB Music Ltd.
Ararat Armenian Brandy   Narrator Alexandra Vasilieva
Chef’s Table - Pastry (UN style dubbing)   Jaume Coll - (UN style dubbing) Monique Carmona Netflix

Music videos

We Are Loved   Homeless Guy Jon Hall Raised2Walk


Odin Visits Team Nerdist -   Odin Andrew Bowser
IPhone 7 - how to video   Model Apple
Poolside Chats   Scottie Too Hottie Roman Cuilla Martinez Nora's North Productions
The Ultimate Christmas Lightsaber Battle   Light Saber Santa Andrew Bowser
Catmaggedon   Old Neighbor Alonso Homs BuzzFeed
Jonah Ray’s Hidden America   Angus Troy Miller - Dakota Pictures


Monet   Claude Monet Jasmine Soumakian Fibo Kids Art Academy


Voices; Voice Casting: Mary Lynn Wissner–Beginning and Advanced Voice Over Workshops., Monkey Butler Comedy Improv Training, John Sudol: Language of the Face Workshop, Scene Video Workshop; SAG Conservatory, Michael Cohen, Dick Orkin’s Radio Ranch: Dick Orkin–“Practice Practice” Workshop., Tobais Communications; Maurice Tobais–Promo/Trailer Workshop, Voice Trax West; Cindy Akers–Pro Voice Casting Workshop & Promo Trailer Workshop., Charlie Adler: Animation Workshop  

Other Special Skills

ADR Dubbing, ADR Re-voicing, VO & UN ADR Dubbing, Mo-Cap, Earwig, Mac Computer literate 

Special Skills



Action (Intermediate), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Intermediate), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Musical (Intermediate), Romantic (Intermediate), Suspense (Intermediate), War (Intermediate), Western (Advanced)


Extreme Sports

CYCLING, GENERAL (Intermediate)


GOLF (Beginner)


SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate), SKETCH (Intermediate)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


AUSTRALIAN (Intermediate), BRITISH (Intermediate), COCKNEY (Intermediate), FRENCH (Advanced), GERMAN (Intermediate), IRISH (Intermediate), ITALIAN (Intermediate), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Beginner), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Intermediate), RUSSIAN (Intermediate), SCANDINAVIAN (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Intermediate)


FRENCH (Intermediate)


Driving Skills

STICK SHIFT (Beginner)


BARTENDER (Intermediate), CHEF (Intermediate), EAR PROMPTER (Intermediate), TELEPROMPTER (Intermediate)



BALLROOM (Beginner)


MUSICAL THEATER (Intermediate)

Vocal Range

BARITONE (Intermediate), BASS (Intermediate)