Mindy Montavon

Wild Models - 310-526-3263 (Print) , Midwest Talent - 818.765.3785 (Manager) , and Daniel Hoff Agency - 323.932.2500 (Commercial)

Female White

Brown Blue 118lbs 5'6"

2 28" 2 2-4 7


Dialects (Southern, British RP, Mid-West), Baton twirling (basic), Piano (basic), Teleprompter, Firearms usage (AR15 rifle), Cross country running, Volleyball, Weight lifting, Bowling, Roller skating, Singing (soprano/belt), Tap dancing, Jazz dancing, Musical theater dance, Swing dancing (basic), Softball, Tennis


Garden Party   Lead Tamar Kummel Captain Purple
Star City Murders   Supporting Giles Andrews CE Pictures
This Land   Lead Rick Greenwood, Jr. Watts Films
The Possessed Waiter   Lead Marcus Kiehl MK2 Productions
Anti-Terror Man   Featured Dancer Jonathan Drubner Drub-Induced Entertainment
The Butcher & the Housewife   Featured Tap Dancer Ishai Setton Setton Sun Productions
Carnality   Lead Michelle Podd Brooklyn College
Welcome Parenthood   Lead Michelle Bakker Cal State
Failure to Communicate   Lead Brianna Waddell Santa Monica Film School
Sharp   Supporting Nick Conedera Conedera Studios
At Parties   Supporting Matt Edwards 3 Flamingo Productions
Project Callisto   Lead Paul Duda Duda Films
#iKillr   Supporting Jeffrey Coughlan iKillr Films
Re-Animator   Supporting Matthew Kalan Kalan Films
The Recipe   Supporting Matthew Green Green Productions


Life in Pieces   Co-Star Natalia Anderson CBS
Murder in the Heartland   Co-Star Phil Lott Investigation Discovery
Warren the Ape   Co-Star Dan Milano MTV
For All Mankind   Co-Star Michael Morris Apple+
Unusual Suspects   Co-Star Robert M Wise LMNO Productions
Diabolical Women   Guest Star Jato Smith LMNO Productions
Betrayed   Co-Star Yoram Astrakhan Investigation Discovery
My Crazy Ex   Guest Star John Downer Painless Television
Desperate Housewives   Co-Star Larry Shaw ABC


Unnecessary Farce   Karen Victor Legarreta Herb Strauss Theater
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown   Lucy Victor Legarreta The Schoolhouse Theater
LA Carmen   Lydia Peter Welkin ANMT Stages Festival
The Nerd   Tansy Rachel Endrizzi Off Broadway Palm Theatre
Come Fly With Me   Woman 1 Perry Lambert Florida Studio Theatre
Stepping Out   Andy Ann Nieman Herb Strauss Theater
Swing Dames   Marlene/Lorraine Megan Briones Swing Dames Productions
City of Light   Annie Alison Kalmus 4x10 Productions
Funny Money   Betty Victor Legarreta The Schoolhouse Theater
The Owl & the Pussycat   Doris Carl Olmstead Cultural Park Theatre
Follies in Concert   Young Stella Christopher Catt Snub Harbor Theater
Evita   Sister/Aristocrat Dennis Edenfield Yorktown Heights
Proof   Claire Ann Bowen Michael Chekov Company
So I Go, What?   Woman 1 Casey Simons TSI/Playtime Series
Hello, Dolly!   Ernestina Stephen Casey Bucks County Playhouse
Kiss Me, Kate   Dance Captain/Lois u/s Stephen Casey Bucks County Playhouse
Damn Yankees   Ensemble/Gloria u/s Stephen Casey Bucks County Playhouse
Man of La Mancha   Ensemble/Mule Stephen Casey Bucks County Playhouse
The Buddy Holly Story   Maria Elena Clayton Fletcher Broadway Palm Dinner Theater
Run for Your Wife   Barbara Victor Legarreta The Schoolhouse Theater
Lucky Stiff   Annabel Victor Legarreta The Schoolhouse Theater
How to Succeed...   Rosemary Michael Moran Cultural Park Theatre


Conflicts available upon request  


NASM   Workout Girl Travis McCoy Nurture Digital
Raleigh Electric Bikes   Bike Rider Jim Maher Raleigh Electric
Homedics   Mom Ben McCloskey Etekcity
Benjamin Franklin   Female Plumber Jeffrey Markowitz Creative Compound
Super Youth   Woman Samantha Wasielewski Smashtech


Nortek (commercial)   Narrator Thomas Kihneman Video DNA Media
Wulf (animated trailer)   Ann Pete & Paul Williams Williams Productions
Red Diamond (commercial)   Narrator Angelo Bosco Big Ears
The Chee Chalker (radio show)   Elaine Halloway David Bartlett Golden Age Radio Hour
Father Knows Best (radio show)   Betty Eileen Butler SAG-AFTRA Radio Plays
The Shelter: A Survival Story (video game)   Marge/Infected Radio Woman Randall Herman

Music videos

Wild   Girl Marcel Mandu North of London
Beautiful Drug (Bon Jovi)   Mom Thumper Media Island Records


Almost Amy   Heather Selena Brown SVB Productions
The Bomb Shelter (web series)   Lisa Marcus Kiehl MK2 Productions


Palladium Enterprises   Co-Worker David Kallisher Jolly Road Productions
DoorRise   Spokesperson Nick Cates Showpads
Ricoh   Spokesperson Justin Mcaleece Blare Media
Color Brave Virtual Reality   Emilia/Kate Celine Tricart Vantage Point
Jockey   Shopper Annette Capranica (cd) Launch DRTV
CIIS   Teacher Marlowe Stone 336 Productions
ZipEd Tech   Spokesperson Kelli Blair ZipEd Tech
Toastmasters International   Host BIll Nissim TI Productions


Upright Citizens Brigade (improv), TVI Actor's Studio - film/tv class, American Musical & Dramatic Academy, Aquilla Morong Studios, The New American Theatre Company, Hey, I Saw Your Commercial (commercial improv)  

Other Special Skills

Dialects (Southern, British RP, Mid-West), Baton twirling (basic), Piano (basic), Teleprompter, Firearms usage (AR15 rifle), Cross country running, Volleyball, Weight lifting, Bowling, Roller skating, Singing (soprano/belt), Tap dancing, Jazz dancing, Musical theater dance, Swing dancing (basic), Softball, Tennis 

Special Skills



Action (Advanced), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Musical (Advanced), Romantic (Advanced), Sanford Meisner (Advanced), Science Fiction (Advanced), Sports (Intermediate), Stanislavsky (Advanced), Suspense (Advanced), War (Intermediate), Western (Intermediate)


Extreme Sports

CYCLING, GENERAL (Intermediate), ROAD BIKING (Intermediate)


ARCHERY (Beginner), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BATON TWIRLING (Beginner), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Beginner), BOWLING (Intermediate), BOXING (Beginner), CROQUET (Beginner), FRISBEE (Beginner), GOLF (Intermediate), HIKING (Intermediate), ICE SKATE (Beginner), JOGGING (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE DOUBLE DUTCH (Intermediate), KICK BOXING (Intermediate), PING PONG (Beginner), ROLLER SKATE (Intermediate), ROLLERBLADE (Beginner), RUNNING (Intermediate), SNORKELER (Beginner), SOFTBALL (Intermediate), TENNIS (Intermediate), VOLLEYBALL (Beginner), WEIGHT LIFTER (Beginner)


BACK STROKE (Beginner), BREAST STROKE (Beginner), BUTTERFLY (Beginner), FREESTYLE (Beginner), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Intermediate)

Track & Field

LONG DISTANCE (Intermediate)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

RIFLE (Beginner)

Martial Arts

JUDO (Beginner)

Stage Combat

HAND-TO-HAND (Beginner)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Intermediate), UCB (Intermediate)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


AUSTRALIAN (Beginner), BRITISH (Intermediate), COCKNEY (Intermediate), FRENCH (Intermediate), MINNESOTA / WISCONSIN (Intermediate), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Intermediate), SOUTHERN (Intermediate)


FRENCH (Beginner)


Driving Skills

4WD (Advanced), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)

Horse Riding

ENGLISH (Beginner), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Beginner), JUMP (Beginner)


CLASS C (Advanced)


BARTENDER (Advanced), CHEF (Beginner), HOSTING (Advanced), PILATES (Intermediate), STAND-IN EXPERIENCE (Advanced), TELEPROMPTER (Advanced), YO-YO (Beginner), YOGA (Intermediate)


Circus Skills

HULA HOOP (Beginner)


BALLET (Beginner), BALLROOM (Intermediate), JAZZ (Intermediate), POLKA (Beginner), SWING (Intermediate), TAP (Intermediate), WALTZ (Intermediate)


PIANO (Beginner), VIOLIN (Beginner)


MUSICAL THEATER (Advanced), OPERA (Intermediate)

Vocal Range

SOPRANO (Advanced)


Tennis racquets 
Roller blades