Steve Johnston

The Park Agency - Sumer Stamper - 619-405-8365 (Commercial) , and Symbiotic Talent Management - 323-501-1919 (Theatrical)

Male White

Brown Green 178lbs 6'2"

M 34" 32" 9 44L


Wakeboarding, Barefoot Skiing, Wakesurfing


Fucking My Way Back Home   Actor Shawn Whitney Dangerous Dust Productions
Run This Town   Actor Ricky Tollman Elevation Pictures
Refinement   Supporting Lead Harrison Lee HL Productions
You Don't Know Dick   Supporting Lead James Allen Bradley Factory Film Studio
Writing Kim   Supporting Lead Luvia Petersen 8 Monkeys Productions
Blood Empires   Lead Peter Rajesh Joachim B Empires Productions
Reel Zombies   Supporting Lead Mike Masters/Dave Francis Primal Films/Superchannel
Mortimer   Supporting Lead Nolan Sarner Avion Films
24/7   Lead Travis Wood Niagara Film
The Arbuckle Academy   Supporting Lead Adam Landucci/Mark Binks Grandma's Birthday Prods.
Override   Actor Richard Colton Amarich Productions


Executed with Deborah Norville   Rev Dana Brown Zig Gauthier Reelz USA
Murdoch Mysteries   Actor Harvey Crossland CBC/Bell/Shaftesbury Prods.
MyTV   Lead Jethro Conarthisse Movieola/OUAT Media
Celebrity Call Center   Co-Star Steven D. Wright E! Networks
Killer Siblings   Co-Star Matt Watts Oxygen/NBCUniversal
Three Eggs Any Style   Co-Lead T. Khan/N. Guzman Movieola/OUAT Media


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe   Peter/Various Adam Lazarus Actor's Colony Theatre
The Paris Letter   Anton/Burt Victor Correia Little Guy/Tarragon
Charlotte's Web   Narrator/Homer Autumn Smith StageWest
The Hollow   Yarm Mike Kennard Ensemble/Can Stage Berkeley Theatre
Overruled   Sibthorpe Juno Kevin McCormick Equity Showcase Theatre
Caresses   Man Victor Correia Concentrate-In-Time/Winchester
Blood Wedding   Bridegroom Anna Mackay-Smith Equity Showcase Theatre
Kornhol's Kabn   Kornhol Suzette Araujo Toronto Int'l Festival of Clowns
Todie and The Miser   Lyzer Lorie Wolf Ashkenaz Festival
St. Peon of the People   Reg Caroline Azar Toronto Fringe 2018


Harlequin Publishing "Romance When You Need It"   Funny Man Various Skin and Bones/Radke
Esso   Hockey Fan Various Slates
Boston Pizza   Patron Various Radke
Scotiabank AIDS walk   Merman Various Radke
People For Good "Parking"   Man Parking Geordie Stephens Zulu Alpha Kilo
Ethereum Sweepstakes   Host Carole Parsons Schafer SugarC Media
Tim Horton's   Lead Man Wayne Craig Steam Films
KFC "Gus"   Gus Pete Henderson Brown Productions


Cintas   Chef James Puddy Shutterbug


Billy Batz and Friends   Stand-up Sycamore Tavern
Kornhol's Kabn   Kornhol Suzette Araujo Lyric Hyperion Theatre
Flapper's Comedy   Stand-up Flapper's Comedy Club
Van Nuys Comedy Club   Stand-up Van Nuys Comedy Club
Jammin' On The One   Host Various Arts and Letters/Victory
Sketchy Reality   Cast Troy Yorke The Poor Alex
Sketchy Reality: Cabaret Vulgare   Cast Troy Yorke Harbourfront Festival
Sketchy Reality: Cabaret Vulgare   Cast David Oiye Buddies Tallulah's Cabaret


A Modern Fable   Narrator Richard Pietro MyEinsteinJob
Electric Bike Everyman's Journey   Narrator Nathaniel Jude SixThreeZero

Music videos

"Marina" JF Robitaille   Lead Andrew Hamilton SparksMusic
"Only At Home" Elliott Brood   Clown Andy Wehrspann bravoFACT
"Sad Boy" Patricia O'Callaghan   Clown Judge Joel Goldberg Riddle Films


People For Good "Parking"   Hero Geordia Stephens Zulu Alpha Kilo
Ethereum Sweepstakes   Host Carole Parsons Schafer SugarCmedia
Harlequin Publishing "Romance When You Need It"   Funny Man M. Swanson Skin and Bones/Radke


Johnson and Johnson "Cribs"   Host Brett Heard FreshBaked Entertainment


English BA University of British Columbia , Second City Chicago Scholarship for Improvisation and Writing, Advanced On Screen Scene Study Pro Actor's Lab David Rotenberg, Players Academy Conservatory Certificate - Anna Mackay-Smith, Victory Artists Conservatory - Kevin McCormick, Clown, Bouffon, and Jeu - Philippe Gaulier, Clown - Mike Kennard, Winter School of Improvisation - Keith Johnstone, Second City Toronto - Doug Morency, Mask - Teatro Escambray (Cuba) - Paul Lampert, Meisner Technique Scene Study - Robin Hartsell , Shakespeare Scene Study - Bruce Gooch, Idiot "The Idiot Workshop" - Amrita Dhaliwal, Gemma Soldati, Groundlings Core Track Improvisation, Advanced Acting LS&CO Michéle Lonsdale-Smith, Advanced Improv Second City Toronto - Ayumi Iizuka  

Other Special Skills

Wakeboarding, Barefoot Skiing, Wakesurfing 

Special Skills



Action (Advanced), Comedy (Advanced), Crime (Advanced), Drama (Advanced), Family (Advanced), Horror (Advanced), Improv (Advanced), Lee Strasberg (Advanced), Method (Advanced), Musical (Intermediate), Romantic (Advanced), Sanford Meisner (Intermediate), Science Fiction (Advanced), Sports (Advanced), Stanislavsky (Advanced), Stella Adler (Advanced), Suspense (Advanced), Uta Hagen (Advanced), War (Advanced), Western (Advanced)


Extreme Sports

BMX (Intermediate), CYCLING, GENERAL (Advanced), FLATLAND/FREESTYLE (Beginner), HALF PIPE (Beginner), JUMPS (Intermediate), MTN BIKING (Intermediate), PARKOUR (Beginner), ROAD BIKING (Advanced), SKATEBOARD SLALOM (Intermediate), SKATEBOARD STREET (Intermediate), SKATEBOARD STUNTS (Intermediate), SKEET/TRAP SHOOTING (Beginner), SNOWBOARDER (Intermediate), SPEED SKATING (Intermediate), TRIALS RIDING (Intermediate)


ACROBATICS (Beginner), AEROBICS (Beginner), ARCHERY (Intermediate), BADMINTON (Intermediate), BASEBALL (Intermediate), BASKETBALL (Intermediate), BILLIARDS PLAYER (Advanced), BOATING (Advanced), BODY BUILDING (Intermediate), BODY SURFING (Intermediate), BOWLING (Intermediate), BOXING (Beginner), CANOEING (Advanced), CRICKET (Advanced), CROQUET (Advanced), DIVING (Intermediate), DRIVE A BOAT (Advanced), FENCING (Intermediate), FIELD HOCKEY (Intermediate), FIGURE SKATE (Intermediate), FISHING (Intermediate), FLY FISHING (Beginner), FOOTBALL (Intermediate), FRISBEE (Advanced), GOLF (Advanced), GYMNASTICS (Intermediate), HACKEY-SACK (Intermediate), HANDBALL (Intermediate), HIKING (Intermediate), ICE HOCKEY (Advanced), ICE SKATE (Advanced), JET SKIER (Intermediate), JOGGING (Advanced), JUMP ROPE (Intermediate), JUMP ROPE DOUBLE DUTCH (Intermediate), KAYAKER (Intermediate), MOUNTAIN CLIMBING (Beginner), PING PONG (Beginner), POGO STICK (Intermediate), RACQUETBALL (Beginner), ROCK CLIMBER (Beginner), ROLLER HOCKEY (Advanced), ROLLER SKATE (Advanced), ROLLERBLADE (Advanced), RUGBY (Advanced), RUNNING (Advanced), SCUBA DIVER (Beginner), SNORKELER (Beginner), SNOW SKI (Advanced), SNOWMOBILE (Intermediate), SOCCER (Intermediate), SOFTBALL (Intermediate), SQUASH (Intermediate), TENNIS (Intermediate), TRAMPOLINE (Intermediate), VOLLEYBALL (Intermediate), WATER SKIER (Advanced), WEIGHT LIFTER (Intermediate), WINDSURFER (Advanced), WRESTLING (Intermediate)


BACK STROKE (Advanced), BREAST STROKE (Advanced), BUTTERFLY (Advanced), DIVING (Advanced), FREESTYLE (Advanced), SWIMMING, GENERAL (Advanced)

Track & Field

BROAD JUMP (Intermediate), DISCUS (Intermediate), HIGH JUMP (Intermediate), HURDLE (Intermediate), JAVELIN (Intermediate), LONG DISTANCE (Advanced), LONG JUMP (Intermediate), MARATHON (Intermediate), RELAY (Intermediate), SHOT PUT (Beginner), SPRINTER (Advanced), TRACK, GENERAL (Advanced), TRIATHLON (Intermediate)

Fighting and Weapons

General Weapons

AUTOMATIC WEAPON (Intermediate), CROSS BOW (Intermediate), HANDGUN (Intermediate), LONG BOW (Intermediate), RIFLE (Intermediate)

Martial Arts Weapons


Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Beginner), HAND-TO-HAND (Advanced), RAPIER (Intermediate), STAFF (Intermediate), SWORDS (Intermediate)

Improvisation and Comedy

Improvisation & Comedic Performance

IMPROV, GENERAL (Advanced), LONG FORM (Advanced), SECOND CITY (Advanced), SHORT FORM (Advanced), SKETCH (Advanced), STAND-UP COMEDY (Advanced)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


AUSTRALIAN (Advanced), BRITISH (Advanced), CAJUN (Advanced), CANADIAN (Advanced), FRENCH (Advanced), GERMAN (Advanced), IRISH (Advanced), ITALIAN (Advanced), MEXICAN (Advanced), MIDDLE EASTERN (Advanced), NEW ENGLAND / BOSTON (Advanced), NEW YORK / BRONX (Advanced), NEW YORK / BROOKLYN (Advanced), RUSSIAN (Advanced), SCANDINAVIAN (Advanced), SCOTTISH (Advanced), SOUTH AFRICAN (Advanced), SOUTHERN (Advanced), SPANISH (Advanced), SWISS-GERMAN (Advanced)


FRENCH (Advanced)


Driving Skills

4WD (Intermediate), ATV (Intermediate), DUNE BUGGY (Intermediate), MOTORCYCLE, DIRT BIKE (Intermediate), MOTORCYCLE, ROAD BIKE (Intermediate), PRECISION DRIVER (Intermediate), SAILBOAT (Advanced), SPEED BOAT (Advanced), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)

Horse Riding

BARE BACK (Intermediate), DRESSAGE (Beginner), HORSEBACK RIDING, GENERAL (Advanced), JUMP (Advanced), SIDE SADDLE (Intermediate), WESTERN (Advanced)


BOATING (Advanced), MOTORCYCLE M1 (Intermediate)


CHEF (Intermediate), HOSTING (Advanced), IMPRESSIONIST (Intermediate), MAGICIAN (Beginner), VIDEO GAMES (Intermediate), WHISTLER (Intermediate), YO-YO (Intermediate), YOGA (Advanced)


PRAT FALLS (Advanced)


Circus Skills

CLOWN (Advanced), JUGGLER (Intermediate), MIME (Advanced)


BREAK (Intermediate), DISCO (Intermediate), HIP HOP (Intermediate), MODERN (Intermediate), POP LOCKING (Intermediate), ROBOT (Intermediate), WALTZ (Intermediate)


DRUMS (Beginner), GUITAR (Intermediate), KAZOO (Advanced), ORGAN (Beginner), PIANO (Intermediate), TAMBOURINE (Intermediate), TRUMPET (Beginner), UKULELE (Intermediate)


COUNTRY (Beginner), FOLK (Beginner), JAZZ (Beginner), MUSICAL THEATER (Beginner), POP (Intermediate)

Vocal Range

BARITONE (Intermediate)


Ice Hockey Skates 
Golf Shoes