Gowrie Hayden

Mavrick Artist - Sports & Specialty - 323-931-5555 (Commercial, Commercial - Non Union, Print, Sports) , and 0 NOT REPRESENTED - (Theatrical, Voiceover, Hosting, Manager)

Female Caucasian

Blonde Hazel 130lbs 5'10"

4-6 27" 4 4-6 9.5 30S


Fantasy Women Battles   Knight Charlie Carner Tim Weske Fight Dir
In Darkness and in Light   Asst FIght Coordinator Jim Sullos
Game Night   Margaret (lead) Tim Weske
Al Kids Count   Pirate (guest star)) Michael J. Nathanson Upstart Productions
Soccer Mom   Janet (lead) Leetal Platt Parthenon Pictures
The Propheteering   Stunt Coordinator Matthew Edwards


I'm Alive! Animal Planet   Eugenie Russell (principal) Marielle Woods Gurney Productions
Dollhouse - Episode: Spy in the House of Love   Stunt Double - Olivia Williams David Solomon Joss Whedon, Prod.
Better Off Ted - Episode: You are the Boss of Me   Stunt Performer Paul Lazarus Victor Fresco, Prod.
Gladiator Camp Promo   Gladiator (featured) Tim Weske Unveiled Pictures
Tinseltown (Pilot)   Harlowe (co-starring) Ryan Katzenbach Katco Media
NYJD (pilot)   Carla (co-starring) Gwyn Gilliss Gaga Films


RISE   Alex Aaron Lyons Hollywood Fringe Festival/ Best of Fringe
Pulp Shakespeare   Yolanda/Meadsweet Jordan Monsell Theatre Asylum, LA
Boadicea   Boadicea Bill Steritt Studio Stage, LA
Simpatico   Rosie Ann Bowen Big Little Theatre, NYC
Stop Kiss   Callie Christina Alicea Michael Chekhov Co. NYC
Beast With Two Backs (NYC premier)   Rachael Ann Bowen Specter Theatre Co. NYC
The Tempest   Iris Perry Jobe Ohio Theatre, NYC
As You Like It   Audrey Heather Stanford-Johnstone Arden Conservatory Theatre
Months On End   Elaine Barbara Biddy Shipping Dock Theatre


Hoover Maxed Out Mega Match   Molly Rudy Banny Tattoo Projects
Captain Morgan   Asst Sword trainer Marisa Miller Cartel
MTV Awards - Loreal Herbal Essence   featured


reel available on request  


Warrior Showdown 2   Valkryie TJ Cencula Wolfpack Productions
Rose by Any Other Name   Tara (guest star) Kyle Schickner Fencesitter Films
Shooters   Millie Jeff Hunt
The D Word   Host Joe Turner Lin First Wives World Prod.


LRN   Recruiter (principal) LRN productions


Improv - Second City, Chicago, Sketch comedy - Groundlings, LA, Fencing, Swordfighting & Stage Combat - Tim Weske, Swordplay LA, Cold Reading/Scene Study - Peter Holden, LA, Sitcom Intensive - Howard Reichman, The Actor's Market, NYC, Acting for Soaps - Gwyn Gilliss - The Actor's Market, NYC, Shakespeare - Gary Logan - National Theatre Conservatory, Commercial/Voice Over - National Theatre Conservatory, Skinner Technique - Robert Davidson - National Theatre Conservatory, Character & Improv - Larry Hecht - National Theatre Conservatory  

Special Skills

Falls, Hand to Hand combat/Stage Combat, Burns, Firearms, Volleyball, Downhill Skiing, Basketball, Softball, Pilates/Yoga, Bartending, Kick Boxing, Fencing, Swordfighting & Edged Weapons, Horseback Riding - Western, Racheting, Wire work 


Swords, Fencing Equipment 
Boxing gear