Jack C. Huang

Victor Kruglov Talent - 323-962-7007 (Commercial, Commercial - Non Union, Theatrical, Print, Manager)

Male Asian

Black Brown 140lbs 5'7"

M 32" 30" 8.5


Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Krav Maga,, boxing, weapons, stage combat & stunt, Voice Over: English, Mandarin Chinese & Taiwanese, Other languages: Japanese & Cantonese (level I)


Gothic Assassins   Lead/Stunt Coordinator Milos Twilight, HBO
The Dalhia Knights   Lead/Stunt Coordinator Milos Twilight, HBO
Empress Vampire   Co-star Phil Condit
Thrillseekers: The Indosheen   Co-star Robert Pfitzner
Stolen Moments of September   Co-star/Stunt Coordinator T.A. William
Break   Co-star Marc Clebanoff
The Invincible Scripture   Supporting Arnold Chun
Now Chinatown   Co-star/Stunt Coordinator Steven Dunning
Red Corner   Supporting Jon Avnet
The Dragon Gate   Supporting/Fight Choreographer Mike Marvin, HBO
Mission of Mercy   Supporting/Fight Choreographer Michael King
Ginseng Power (Korea)   Co-star/Stunt Coodinator Eliot Hung
Illegal Entry   Co-star/Fight Choreographer Shaw Neth
Rage of Vengeance   Supporting/Fight Choreographer Serge Rodnunsky, HBO
It's A Digital World   Supporting Paul Greenberg
Blasphemy the Movie   Supporting John Mendoza
Midnight Temptations 2   Co-star Rob Spera, HBO
Enter the Blood Ring   Supporting/Fight Choreographer Tom Oliver, HBO
Dragon Killer (Hong Kong)   Supporting/Stunt Tony Liu
Red Steel   Co-star/Fight Choreographer Serge Rodnunsky, HBO


Deadliest Warrior   Principal/Stunt David Hogan 44 Blue Productions
To Live and Dine In L. A.   Co-star Sebastian Stenhoj
Pin & Dinja   Co-star Jeremy Light
Intrusion   Co-star Tan Nguyen
Peaceable Kingdoms   Stunt Coordinator Peter Gelles
Harry Nash   Co-star Craig Innardone
Moot   Co-star/Stunt Coordinator Ryan Nellis
Forgiven Faith   Co-star/Stunt Coordinator Willis Prods.
How to do Kung Fu/Tai Chi   Host/Stunt Coordinator Experts Village
Cinder   Co-star Prod. Julia Ling
The System (Taiwan)   Host Market America
Riddle of the Desert Mummies   Principal/English VO Terra Nova TV


Ninja Japan Tour 2002   Guest Sho Kosugi Prods., Japan
SKI Tokyo 2002   Guest/Stunt Coordinator Sho Kosugi Prods., Japan
SKI Osaka 2003, 2004   Guest/Stunt Coordinator Sho Kosugi Prods., Japan
The Insect Trainer   Co-star The Deaf West


Sapporo--Bad Beer Vs. Beer God   Stunt Coordinator Dir. Omar Samad
GOLFNOW.com   Principal Stephen Goldblatt Partizan Ent./Golf Channel
DIRECTV:   Stunt Coordinator Ann Lu AAAZA Inc
American Dream, PSA   Lead
Disney XD   Lead
Snapple (National),   Lead Kirshenbaum Bond
Sprint, Crying Baby,   Lead Tool of N. America
Genesis Juice Kung Fu,   Lead Shaun Perterson
Hyundai Motor   Lead All In One Prods.
Chrysler (Taiwan)   Lead The End, Inc.


The Sensible Old Days, CD   Violin Soloist CIM Entertainment


Project Thunder (VG)   Mandarin
Pacific Rim   Mandarin adr
Safe   Mandarin adr
You Are In The Movie (XBOX VG)   Mandarin
Mummy 3, the Movie   Mandarin adr
"Choya Umesiu"   Mandarin (for Taiwan) Osaka, Japan
Port of Long Beach   Mandarin
Southwestern International (2 Spots)   Mandarin Petra Films
Washington Mutual (3 Spots)   Mandarin Imada Wong
Ford Focus   Mandarin Pancom International
Hewlett Packard (Taiwan)   Mandarin Audio To Go
Riddle of The Desert Mummies   English Discovery/Terra Nova TV
How To Do Dianetics   Taiwanese Golden Era Productions

Music videos

All I wanted Was You   Lead/ Stunt Coordinator Dir. Shaq
I Will Be Waiting In Paradise   Stunt Coordinator/Fight choreographer Dir. Michael Taimi


Jack C. Huang's Kung Fu   Host Expert Village - YouTube
Jack C. Huang's Tai Chi   Host Expert Village - YouTube


Certified Stunt Performer/Coordinator, Violin, since 1970s (M.A. degree, 1994), Martial arts since 1970s (Champ of '82-3, Taiwan & '87, Los Angeles), Music composition & conducting (1991-94), Computer music (1991-94), Pasadena City College (Acting), Gateway Theater (Acting, Glendale), Chinese Culture Center (Acting, Rosemead), Rene Smoller (Acting, Fairfax C.A.S.), Jim Otis (Acting, Private Coach)  

Other Special Skills

Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Krav Maga,, boxing, weapons, stage combat & stunt, Voice Over: English, Mandarin Chinese & Taiwanese, Other languages: Japanese & Cantonese (level I) 

Special Skills



BOXING (Advanced), JUMP ROPE (Advanced), KICK BOXING (Advanced)

Fighting and Weapons

Martial Arts

AIKIDO (Intermediate), HAPKIDO (Intermediate), JEET KUNE DO (Advanced), JIU-JITSU (Intermediate), JUDO (Intermediate), KARATE (Advanced), KRAV-MAGA (Advanced), KUNG FU (Advanced), TAE KWON DO (Advanced), TAI CHI (Advanced)

Martial Arts Weapons

BO STAFFS (Advanced), NANCHUKAS (Advanced), SWORDS (Advanced), TONFA (Advanced)

Stage Combat

DAGGERS (Advanced), HAND-TO-HAND (Advanced), STAFF (Advanced), SWORDS (Advanced)

Languages and Accents/Dialects


CHINESE (Advanced)


CHINESE (Advanced), JAPANESE (Beginner), MANDARIN (Advanced), TAIWANESE (Advanced)


Driving Skills

4WD (Advanced), STICK SHIFT (Advanced)

Horse Riding





BUILDING FALLING (Intermediate), PRAT FALLS (Advanced)



BALLROOM (Intermediate), SALSA (Beginner), SWING (Intermediate), TANGO (Intermediate), WALTZ (Intermediate)


VIOLIN (Advanced)